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Zzzz Best Essay

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Application for the position of :


• To be able to achieve and maximize my potential as an individual.
• To be able to pursue my career wherein I can enhance my capabilities thus
Contribute to the growth of the organization.


• Specialized in Accounts / Finance profession- Bachelor’s Degree- B.B.A-(Business Administration) specialized in Accounting-From Manipal University- Dubai-UAE. Finished in July-2014. 3 years course completely taught in English.
• Good communication (verbal, listening & writing) and interpersonal skills.
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• Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products or services such as deposits and loans.
• Make reports necessary for Internal Audit and External Audit.
• Prepare monthly bank reconciliation report.
• Knowledgeable of accounting process up to finalization of accounts.
• Expert in Reconciliation of subsidiary ledgers.
• Knowledgeable to use Accounting System.
• Interaction with the staff to submit accurate reports on time.

April, 2013 – May, 2013 CO-ORDINATOR- PRODUCTION

• Served as a coordinator in Organizing the production staff- in the Cricket Team.
• Responsible for checking the accuracy of the arrangements in the Ground where-in the cricket match completion was taking place.
• Regulate the man force and implement the procedures and apply it.
• Responsible for proper co-ordination in the ground staff force.

Extra Curricular Activities:
Interested in Soccer and participated in School and College tournaments.


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