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Zoos Pros And Cons Essay

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Immanuel Kant believes that the only rational being are humans as they are the only animals able to articulate an argument. I believe this theory to be sound because as humans we are the only animals that can make decisions based on given information or circumstances.The main weakness in his theory is that not all humans are able to speak intelligibly such as infants or the infirm. Also, some animals such as primates are able to articulate needs from much younger ages if not from birth.

Peter Singer believes that animals and humans are equal, that we should consider how our decisions will impact all sentient beings and make the choice that benefits the community the best. The biggest ...view middle of the document...

His theory however fails to define where the line of inherent worth ends, or even what it means to have inherent worth.

In regards to zoos I believe that both Kant and Regan have justifiable arguments in favor of zoos. Zoos can be a touchy subject due to it brings out the aspects of all the different theories and points of view all with justifiable points.I believe that zoos are a good thing, as they provide a shelter for endangered species and thus help regrow their populations. They also provide an opportunity for the human population to experience and be entertained by animals that are not native to their area. However by introducing these non-native species zoos encounter the problems of adapting the animals to climates that they have not been naturally selected for. (i.e. a big cat from Africa does not know how to cope with snow). Some zoos are doing a better job than others however of meeting the needs of these animals by providing for indoor enclosures, however the problem with the indoor enclosures is that they are all too often too small for the animals. While the newer zoos with a more natural enclosures allow animals to have larger outdoor enclosures allowing visitors to view animals in a more natural habitat than behind a cage of bars. Kant would say that as rational sentient beings we have the option to provide zoos as a way to provide for the needs of the animals therein contained as we can decide the best course of action. Singer on the other hand would view zoos as an abomination to the the animals. In such as the animals are not treated as equals to humans

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