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Zeitgeist Essay

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Zeitgeist the movie is directed by Peter Joseph. This film focuses on the a number of conspiracy theory based ideas focusing in discrediting religion.
The first part of Zeitgeist asserts that every early civilization worhsipped the sun and considered it to be both the creator and savior of mankind.
The film also tries to compare Jesus to the Egyptian deity Horus. God of the Sun acording to the film, and God of the Sky according to the scholars. But nevermind their meddling. Joseph goes about his comparison by taking the story of Jesus' life (born on December 25, had 12 followers, was crucified, etc.) and inserting the word "Horus" in place of "Jesus".
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The commision report regarding the WTC's objective is not to give details about the collapse of any world trade center. The point is that media manipulated people using fear and uncertainty to blindly believe what was being reported. The fear being portrayed in the media of threats from terrorists was so strong. This event has been used to reshape the country and the world using media.
The Third part was about Government and Corporate propaganda. The banking system in the United States experienced inflation. The “money created in the bank ends up in the bank” as Peter said. It means that the people under the banking system have their own process of money which is a secret to the people. In some ways, the religion could have a role in this issue.
There are also examples of masses being manipulated with cleverly made and cleverly timed media. This way, the masses are not told what to do by governments and corporations. That would be wrong and people would take offence and not do it. Instead, media is used to manipulate the masses into doing what the governments and corporations want them to do. The masses think they are acting of their own free will, but they were often cleverly led along the path to the decisions that they were meant to make. This part of the movie has plenty of examples of this.
Part of Zeitgeist also reveal some underground and secret organizations that...

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