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Zara Recommendations Essay

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(1) Zara has the potential for sustainable growth due to their unique business model and operation strategies which enables them to face the challenges of the apparel industry. By using special entry strategies they can exploit untapped markets such as Germany and Eastern Europe (Goransson.S et al,2007). As their centralized distribution system located in Spain, it will be easy for the company to support its existing system and new proximities or stores in regions closely based to its main centres (Gallaugher, 2008). For instance, they have already entered the Italian market through joint ventures and successfully operating the largest Zara store in Milan without any ...view middle of the document...

Another market opportunity for them is to invest in Internet retailing. This form of direct marketing will reach more consumers faster and easier. Though it may be difficult to display all of their ever-changing fashions online, it may prove profitable for shoppers to purchase a moderate selection of trendy Zara pieces along with some of their staple basics (Caesar, 2010).
(3) Zara can offer specialized product for different geographical locations but that to in same city (Sull and Turconi, 2008). This will help them to increase their shopper traffic and could differentiate its product location wise. This would work because shoppers would hear about new/different products (word of mouth) that another Zara store is carrying across the city and they would be intrigue to pay a visit (Simona et al, 2007). That way sales wouldn’t be catered from their own respective stores, decreasing cannibalization for the chain.
(4) They should also measure the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in accordance with productivity or performance management. Special customer retention schemes should be introduced by the company (Craig, et al 2004). So the company should try and maintain a customer database that pays frequent visit to the outlets.
(5) The company should implement the new balance scorecard system in its organization to overcome the internal and external pressure affecting the company. This will help in getting the employee feedback as the management will be aware of the employee’s needs...

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