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Zara Process Flow Essay

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In my analysis of the Zara case, I selected the values of: Effectiveness, Integrity, Simplicity, Structure, and Trust.  So the selection system for an interviewer would obviously be to ascertain from a system of questions, if they align with the values of the Zara business model. 
First order of business in selection of a new-hire is to review their resumes and make sure that they have the basic set of skills to perform the functions of the job being applied for.  I also like to take a look at their length of employment with an organization, and if they skip around from job to job alot. I offer that as a general statement being that it is, in practice, a part of the overall process.  Additionally, I agree with her suggestion of selling the job. I think that it gets the juices flowing within the applicant’s head as to what ...view middle of the document...

  So I would first develop questions that will help define the applicants "Locus of control". 
Compiling a list of responses throughout the entire interview process would assess the Locus of control. If done correctly, applicants should reveal their perception of control without even realizing it.
According to the readings, the majority of the interview questions should focus on gathering information in two areas: skills and interest level. Additionally, there is a focus on the “Oh Say” method. Basically, putting the format of questions to a position of asking about specific examples of skill related situations with the addition of Obstacle Situations. Then following up with asking about the specific actions taken and what the end result was.

For Zara here would be a process flow for an interview question: Position – Store manager

Q: Tell me about a specific time you had responsibility for a retail location that you had to manipulate store layout to better position items for sale?

If they answer directly then I move on to assess how they dealt with that situation.
Q: What actions did you take to achieve your objective

If they answer with ambiguity then I will pinpoint that aspect and redirect the question to get the desired information.
Q: I noticed you said “We” while responding. What was your specific role in the solution process.
If they still evade specifics to their role in the situation, then I will move on to the next question and score them poorly for their ability to answer that question.

If they answer with specifics, then I will move on to ask what results they saw.
Q: What results did you see after executing your plan.

That gives a general flow for the process of addressing the interviewing process. From there I would do my best to assess interest level as this is highlighted in her selection process. Perhaps the skills don’t match up perfectly, however if sufficient interest is visible, then it may be a good fit to have this applicant employed.

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