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Zalta's Diary: A Child's Life In Sarajevo

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Title: Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo Author: Zlata Filipovic Rating: Good Zlata's Diary is a story about a young girl, who at the young age of eleven, is trapped in Sarajevo during times of war. She tells of the horrifying experiences that went on in Sarajevo. The diary spans over two years of living through torturous moments like celebrating holidays in her basement, losing her uncle, and having her best friends killed by a bomb while playing in a park. Zlata was an overachiever who would not settle for less than an A. She enjoyed many activities like singing, playing the piano, and especially admiring models and famous American actresses. She was very ...view middle of the document...

It was simple activities that were not possible anymore because of the fighting that really upset her. Zlata wrote in her book for two years. It's almost a day by day account of her feeling of life and war. Zlata was later moved from her town in Sarajevo to a temporary home Paris. I personally think Zlata's Diary was a very interesting book. The book gave a perspective of one's view on war, but not from an adult's view, but from an innocent child whose life was dramatically changed by war. Zlata gets her point across. She writes how she feels and has reasons to support it. SHe is angry because she cannot talk to her friends anymore. She was sad because many of her close friends and family were killed. Zlata talks of this and expresses her feelings very well for a child. This was very interesting to me because I could not even imagine what she was thinking at this time. War is such a sensitivie issuse and to understand it is far from easy. It's a day by day experience and for that fact it kept me wanting to read the book. Information about the cause or background of the was in itself was slim. She explained about bombs hitting town and gunfire, but reasoning for the hole war was not there. If you were to read this book for information on the whole war, you would not find too much. The book was well written for an eleven-year-old. Overall, I would say Zlata's Diary was well written. It will give you one's perspective of how was can affect just one life. It will give you an eyewitness account to horrifying experiences one cannot even imagine.

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