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Youths Are Most Influenced By What They See On Televsion And Films

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Youths are the most influenced by what they view on televisions and films. How far do you agree?

Today’s millennials are undoubtedly the most tech savvy humans who have existed till date. With access to technology at the tip of their fingers, they are highly influenced by what they witness on media platforms. Television and films are imperative in their lives. If a youth is unaware of the latest gossip or new show, he is considered by peers to be living “under a rock”. As such, being up to date by catching all the latest movies and shows has become an obligation for youths. However, it is inevitable for this to leave a negative impression on not just their minds, but also on ...view middle of the document...

Movies like The Fault In our stars are constructions to convey to Youths that life is about living it to the fullest and seeing beyond what just appears to be. Media serves as a reminder to us that there are many aspects to life and it is important for us to be constantly reminded of this and avoid living a life which is too concentrated on book knowledge. Movies give them a break from the tiring life of formal education and provide them with knowledge about life experiences. This shows how media plays a big role in conveying deeper meaning of life to Youths so that they are not just surviving but also learning about Life in general.

Nevertheless, Media plays an important role in how Youths perceive themselves. Many youths watch Stars and celebrities on Television’s and Films and desire to achieve their ideal body shape or figure. Many a times, the inability to achieve this results in them losing their confidence and lowering their self- esteem. However, what they miss out in doing...

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