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Youth Unemployment Essay

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INTRODUCTION Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous coun try in the world with a population of 154, 729,000 citizens. Our nominal GDP is $207. 116 billion and we have a nominal per capita income of $1,4011. Nigeria al so has the second largest economy in Africa . If I may ask, is this country not blessed? Yet, it is still plagued by youth unemployment which had been one of ou r major problems in recent years. Both government and the private sector had dis cussed this issue at forums and conferences but have not found a solution to it. Its continued existence had been linked to lack of power supply and financial e ...view middle of the document...

CHALLENGES YOUTH FACE IN THE LABOUR MARKET In Nigeria , it is common practice for employers to ask for work experience befo re employment. For most graduate youth who have nothing more than what they have learnt in school, it is always a very difficult race with experienced adults. S ome youths go up to the extent of getting a post graduate degree but they still don’t get a job.4 It is the unskilled youth, who are mostly migrants from rural areas that are mor e affected by this situation.5

THE LESSONS FROM EXPERIENCE Although I’m not an entrepreneur but I gained some experiences on en trepreneurship from a group I joined in my university more than a year ago. The name of the group is SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise). Last year, we did some entrepreneurial projects and I would like to share them briefly. · Firstly, we did a project called Making CEO, in collaboration with a c ommercial bank in Nigeria (Guaranty Trust Bank). In the first phase, we educated about 300 undergraduates on the benefits of self – employment and the ethics of business. In the second phase, we partnered also with the GREEN project (an NGO owned by a member of our team) and we taught about 50 secondary school students the qualities of a good business leader. * Secondly, we identified that our university is one of the few universities in Nigeria that offers Industrial Design. Due to this peculiarity, these studen ts might face ostracism in the labor market after school. To avoid this, we deci ded to educate interested students of this department the practical application of their course using computer graphical application like Corel Draw. With the t raining at hand, some of them could open an art studio or a photography shop if they are unable to get a job after school.

The following are the lessons that I learnt as a volunteer: Workshop and Seminars are one of the best ways to educate young peopl e (youth). Youths should be taught financial literacy at a more tender age. The media is the best way to get to the people. No knowledge is lost. Knowledge gained from workshops and seminars could be used by participants at any point of their lives.

It is better done than said. Things look easy when they are said but it is only when we make moves to actualize them that we realize their complexiti es, the constraints involved and the possible outcomes.


- WHAT HOPE FOR THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED YOUTHS? The physically challenged account for about 5% of Africans (1% of Africans are b lind)6 and Nigeria as well as her youths are not left out. For this reason, I vi sited the closest HANDEF (Handicapped Education Foundation) centre to my univers ity and I learnt that most of the challenges they face are rejection and depriva tion, and these have a psychological effect on them. No wonder, most of them end up on the street begging.

The government is working hard to solve this problem with four schools already i n place in the state that trains them up to the...

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