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Youth Goes To Work Essay

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22 years later, I find myself working

Personal Experience; how did I get here?

Yes, I’ve managed to graduate from a slightly harder bachelor’s program that other (or at least that’s what I think).
Yes, I’ve done it. I’ve managed to find myself a decent, starting-position job in my field of expertise. It’s a small firm, but with high expectations. I really feel I can accomplish something here. I have to stay on my game. I have to study. I have to observe. I have to practice. I must have to power, mental strength and ambition to make something of myself. I don’t expect considerable money-valued recognition; I expect a change to grow professionally. I am a novice. I must remain humble and well-oriented.
Yes, I am fulfilled. In retrospect, I glance at the last 4 years of my life. I graduated from college, I got admitted to my desired ...view middle of the document...

And I don’t want that to happen.

High-lightened aspects; why did I get here?

Just be positive. Try to avoid meaningless confrontations with colleagues and teachers. Try to settle and remain below the negative aspects radar if you want clear, friendly, harmonious relationships in school or work.
In my personal experience, I would state that I’ve always known what I was going for, what I wanted. Identify opportunity and seize every useful moment that can later on help you develop. Be positive, make friends, be communicative, share ideas, share knowledge with them. All of these are ingredients for a successful and pleasant working and learning experience.

Living in a world mainly based on relations

I am not alone. You are not alone. We all live in a global society and we can easily get in touch with one another. The global context favors inter-human relations, regardless of age, sex, nationality, political and social views, and even location.
I crave for information. And I embark in an endless quest to find and devour that information, no matter how I stumble on it. I read books, blogs, emails, magazines, newspapers; I watch movies, documentaries and so on so I can help myself in any given situation. Isn’t It grand when you are the one that makes things happen? Possibilities are endless; you just have to look closer for them.
Be serious, stay in school and pay attention. Think twice before saying a word. Be humble, but stand your ground when you know its right. Always know what you are heading for so you can analyze every situation that may come up. Use your head; use your heart, live for yourself and for the ones close to you. Stay focused on achieving your goals and good things will happen.
Nonetheless, I still consider myself a little boy, too small for this big complex world I’m living in. But I am growing up day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute because that is what society does for you: it helps you get a grip on real life, in cycles.

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