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Young Women Can Look To A Better Quality Of Life Than Before. Do You Agree?

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Young women can look forward to a better quality of life than before. Do you agree?
Legally young women are equal to men and have similar right. In some modern society, women's plight have improve through years but in patriarchal society, men still keep this traditional image of women.
Young women can look forward to a better quality of life than before:
Women in modern society:
Nowadays women play an important role in
modern society.
After various manifestations, programmes
and fights done by various feminists against sexual
injustice, new policy has been set out to establish
women's right.
Some feminist who fight for women are:
Abigail Adams, from the ...view middle of the document...

There is less sexual harassment in schools
and other educational institutions.

There is different association actually such as the Foundation for the Education of Young Women (FEYW) found in Texas whose mission is to support:
-single sex
-college preparatory
-public education.

Their aim is to give young women opportunities to:-
-go school
-acquire academic skill
-to become responsible, healthy and active.
In the past few years, 9.91 per cent of boys and 76.30 per cent of girls passed in the hsc exams, which proved that girls maintain an edge over boys.

Young Women can work nowadays:
Young women have become more
independent and they have the
opportunity to work in various fields
They are able to choose what they want to do
in future.
Many young women are going into profession like:
They comprise a large part of the workers in
businesses and factories.

They also occupy important positions which are mainly held by men.
There are even some businesses which are run completely by women.
In Mauritius the role of women is changing rapidly.
Although they are not well paid, jobs allow young women to gain a certain degree of personal and social freedom.

One woman, in a 1993 National Geographic article,
said: "For a Mauritian woman, to work is to be free.

The President of the Media Watch Organization,
the Mauritian Chapter of the Southern Africa
Gender in the Media (GEM) Network, Mrs. Loga
Virahsawmy is one feminist who fights for women's
right in Mauritius.

Clearly, women are making outstanding
contributions to the progress of modern

Women in their maritial life:
In many societies now women are not force to get
married early and are able to choose freely their
When it comes to money and marriage, young
women are more likely to know about and manage a
couple’s finances.
Married women between the ages of 18 and 34 are
the most likely among married people to play a
significant role in managing the couple’s finances,
and less likely to squabble with their spouses about
Young women in politics:
Women have the right to participate in political
decision making for their country.
There is no sexual discrimination in their
participation to vote for their party.
Women are equal partners with men at all
levels of development and implementation of
State policies and development programmed.
In Mauritius,10 women have their place in the parliament and for the government.

Women cannot look forward to a better life:
Patriarchal societies: Afghan and African society
However, young women are supposed to
have equal right like men but still in
patriarchal society women are regarded as to
be inferior.

Women in Africa:
African women do much more than their share
of the work in many spheres of daily life.
African women are supposed to:
-maintain households
-fetch firewood and water
-work the fields

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