Young And Middle Adulthood Case Study

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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Study
Holly Regan
February 2, 2015
Mary Carlisle

Young and Middle Adulthood Case Study
Jackson is a 25-year-old single male still living at home, unemployed and attending rehab. He grew up in a single-parent home with his mother who is a high school teacher. Several events that have taken place in Jackson's life has left him feeling hopeless and confused such as failing to graduate college and his biological father’s absence growing up. The two intimate relationships he had while in high school he withdrew from after asking them both to marry him resulted in him questioning his sexual identity once entering college. Since his car ...view middle of the document...

In addition, young men that grow up without their fathers have a harder time transitioning from adolescence to adulthood compared to young men who grow up with fathers.
Jackson does not have much of a social life considering he spends most of his time alone in his room. One of the most difficult things for young adults to do is create and maintain interpersonal relationships (Beatty, 2002). His two past relationships with women revealed he was too distant and emotionally unattached. While Jackson was in college he began to have feelings for another male that left him confused about those feelings and his sexual identity thus deciding to move away from the dorm they shared. Maybe this was the one area he should have explored further before shutting himself down completely and not knowing which feelings of sexual identity were his real feelings. Individual's posessing an inability to develop intimate relationships ultimately revert to isolation.
Jackson has continued his role as an adolescent longer than that of a young adult. He still resides at home with his mother and other adult siblings and exhibits no aspiration for finding any employment or toward moving out. His current role as an unemployed, drug and alcohol abusing college dropout will stay stagnant as will his role in society until he identifies or discovers his role within himself.
Jackson presently participates in a number of unhealthy habits. Mixing prescription drugs and alcohol causes damage to the liver and also the “excessive consumption of alcohol has an adverse effect on health,” (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010). Individual’s that have high levels of stress and anxiety in their life become predisposed to illness. Jackson’s choice to remain further isolated is harmful to any future interpersonal relationships and his overall emotional and psychological wellbeing. Jackson is aware that he is to continue in and complete a substance abuse program. ...

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