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Young Adult Challenge Essay

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Challenges Young Adults Face Today

Being a young adult today has many difficult stages of life that can be quite challenging, even under the best circumstances. During puberty, young people are invaded by a series of new emotions and feelings. Daily pressures faced by teachers and peers. They are exposed to the heavy influence of television, film, music and the Internet. Hence, a United Nations report defines adolescence as "a period of transition that is often characterized by stress and anxiety."
Today, young people looking for a quick solution to their problems, for example in drug addiction, prostitution, euthanasia, bullying, suicide, among others. In this case drugs affect our ...view middle of the document...

There are many things for which teens make the decision to commit suicide, problems at home, a very depressed person, to pass the time or in other cases, attention. In between them, there are thoughts like cutting for pleasure, take pills or tranquilizers for depression in some people is more serious than others, it depends on the situation that happen. Currently there are a lot of influence on adolescents through social networks by how fast they change and evolve generations, carrying children 9, 11, 15 in age to behave like adults when chronologically they're not mature enough to deal with adult situations and so they don't find the right solutions.
Young people have problems because of their behavior and are very difficult because they start to have more independence and then become more difficult for parents to understand or make them understand their point of view. mb. They are constantly faced with the need to survive. In schools there are increasing cases of bullying which in the long run result to a need to establish a defense mechanism. This tendencies however mature to become violent tendencies thus causing stress among other young adults.
There is always the fear that grippes them when they have to go school because they never know when or where the next catastrophe will come from. This is due to the fact that they are constantly exposed to cases of shootings, stabbing incidents and murder in school. Additionally they are learning vices like substance and alcohol abuse which are detrimental to their well being. All this can be prevented through positive guidance, and not reinforcing the negative behavior.In the world today young adults face...

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