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You are Being Watched in Popular Culture The Firm by John Grisham Surveillance in Other Works

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The firm uses the DeVasher team to track him. They use big arms to threaten him. At the head of the surveillance process, we find Oliver Lambert (senior partner at the firm). They are watching him to know everything about his past; they dig really deep in his background. They want to know everything about his family, they investigate on Ray, his brother who is in jail, and they also investigate on his mother who is really poor. According to Abby, his wife, there is a true intrusion in their private life. And she is right. To watch him they use different techniques: He is followed by car, for example in the Grand Caymans, they also use cameras, microphone they bugged his phone, they take photos of him for example in Grand Cayman when he is with another woman cheating on his wife. They are watching him because they want to be superior to him and control everything about him so that the lawyers in the firm are not caught because of the illegal means they use. They also watch him to know if everything he does or says to whether keep him in the firm or to kill him like the 3 others lawyers. At 1/3 of the book, Mitch contacts a private detective because he has some

  doubts about the firm, and he knows that he is being watched, he clearly said it to Eddie Lomax in the office. He also says it to Barry Abanks, the father of the pilot who died in the Cayman boat “accident”. From now on, Mitch and Abby who are aware of the truth start to act very carefully. But it is not just in the firm that we can talk about surveillance, indeed, the surveillance seems to be an exciting subject for authors or director because it is present in a lot of movies and books. B. Surveillance in Other Works

For example, we can talk about the movie “The Truman Show” (Peter Weir, 1998): Truman Burbank has lived his entire life, since before birth, in front of cameras for The Truman Show, although he himself is unaware of this fact. Truman's life is filmed through thousands of hidden cameras, 24 hours a day and broadcast live around the world, allowing executive producer Christof to capture Truman's real emotion and human behaviour when put in certain situations. Then, Truman realizes that he had been constantly watched by everyone and the audience is glad to see that he is free but still disappointed that their favourite show is over. Joel Gold, a psychiatrist at the Bellevue Hospital Centre, revealed that by 2008, he had met five patients with schizophrenia who believed their lives were reality television shows. Gold named the syndrome "The Truman Show Delusion". Now we call this disease “ The Truman syndrome”

There are other movies such as “The Eye of Evil (Fritz Lang, 1960): Dr. Mabuse develops a device located inside a large hotel in Berlin, with way mirrors and many cameras connected to a control station that allows control and voyeurism by both members of the management and some customers.

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