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"You And I" A Poem About A Tragic Love Affair

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The sky, so clear like blue velvet,Reflects upon the tranquil waters.Dewdrops, like tears of joy,Run down the petals of flowers.The brook makes a gurgling replyTo the calm silence that surrounds it.The water trickles ever so softly,Not disturbing the ambiance one bit.The sea embraces her lover, the shore.She moans as they embrace tightly.The shore's aim is to please his belovedAnd ensure their destiny.The world shall continue as it has before.Old ones shall weep, babies shall cry.Nothing can change the affairs of the world,Not even you and I.My sweetheart's lips upon mineSimply adds passion to the ...view middle of the document...

You reach out your hand to touch mine,And then I begin to wonder,Shall we stay together until the end of time?The sun is beginning to set,Soon we shall have to part.We rise from our grassy bedAnd there is a sudden pain in my heart.Standing eye to eye once more,Our eyes and hearts bond.It is then and there that I realizeYou will always be my only one.As you turn and walk away from meI am hit with a sudden premonition,That I am seeing you for the last time.Greatly frightened I am by this intuition.Tempted am I to run to you,As the space between us is extended.Losing you for the rest of my lifeIs definitely not what I intended.Like Shakespeare's JulietI have an ill-divining soul.You are soon lost in the distanceAnd it is then that worry takes its toll.Probably if I had hastened my steps,Instead of sinking to my knees,You would have survived the walk homeThrough the forest full of trees.Like so many before you,You were killed because of love.I shall never forgive my family,Even if it were the will of God above!They hunted you like an animalAnd for that they shall all pay.For I am packing my bags and luggage;I am going to run away today.Never again will I give my love away,For it hurts too badly to realize,That everything you hoped for could beTaken away and replaced by dead eyes.Your spirit shall stay in my heart,As the days, weeks and years go by.I shall grow to be an old, old womanAnd I'll still think about you and I.

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