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Yoga Impact In America Essay

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Impact of Yoga in America

Hinduism in today's society is still facing different types of issues. The issues that Hinduism face are both positive and negative towards the religion. Positive issues or movements actually promote Hinduism in a manner that eventually leads to more than just social acceptance, somewhat and sometimes leading to a current fad. On the downside certain beliefs have been contradicted within the religion that leads followers to feel questionable. According to Max Strom of The Huffington Post, “Over ten percent of America's population exist on antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. And the ever growing use of sleep aid drugs has increased to over 56 million people (Denise Gellene of Los Angeles Times).

No matter how much an individual can have, the bottom line is that the general populous is never content. We as Americans are always over worked, under paid, and ...view middle of the document...

Sets of guidelines are used by Hindus to help achieve their goal of freedom, and that is done through different sets called “the Yogas.” Yoga is broken down into different categories to help individuals live spiritually. The basic form of meditation is most practiced in Raja yoga ( otherwise known as Royal Yoga). Whether people follow the teachings of Hinduism or not, people who practice yoga become followers of the religion in a sense. Asides from the health benefits that Yoga poses the promotion of inner peace and tranquility is also implied which is also a goal of Hinduism. With that being said, as long as the gyms around the nation keep on putting out Yoga classes, the message of Hinduism is being spread sub consciously.

On the down side of that, there are issues that somewhat lead into followers questioning their faith. Within the Hinduism faith there are many different and beliefs as to what is just and what is not. However, the basic Hindu teaching is that anything and everything with a life force should be treated humanely. Abortion is a touchy subject throughout the nation. Every religion has their own views and opinions on the current issue. Hinduism has its share of issues related to abortion. Imagine how a doctor, who is also a follower of Hinduism, that is comfortable with going through with the abortion procedure can work in the same office as another doctor, who is also a follower of Hinduism, opposes it. Could you imagine the debates that the two doctors must have? In Hinduism, from the time of conception, the fetus is considered a living being and should be given the same opportunity as any other creature with life. There is no consistency on on abortion throughout Hinduism.

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