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Yes Chapter 1 Marketing Essay

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1) The cultural environment of a country is best defined by which characteristics?

C) attitudes, beliefs, and values

2) Suppose you have a friend from India who is a lifelong vegetarian and who does not like McDonald's because the company sells hamburgers in many countries. Which of the following describes your friend?

A) "vegetarianism" represents a value, "dislike McDonald's" represents an attitude

3) There is nothing inherently "good" or "bad" about any color of the spectrum and all associations and perceptions regarding color arise from culture. Which of the following statements is not true:

D) Red color is highly preferred in some African countries.

4) Cultural ...view middle of the document...

To her boss's surprise the letter was mailed by the intern since the word “post” means “mail” in British English. In communication terms this error can be attributed due to:

D) semantics.

8) When the Coca-Cola Company was developing its new Dasani bottled water brand, linguists helped guide the naming process. For example, the recurring "a" was chosen because it has a soothing sound. In linguistics, issues pertaining to letters and sounds are matter of:

C) phonology.

9) Giving business cards with the left hand in Malaysia, showing soles of shoes to a host in Saudi Arabia, and winking one eye in India are all considered impolite interpersonal communication due to the fact that:

C) people pick up nonverbal cues and understand intuitively without being told.

10) A vice-president of an American software company introduced himself to a group of Korean partners and added "you may just call me John." Although this verbal cue shows the underlying reality that Americans have a high value on informality and equality, it needs adaptation due to the reason that:

C) customs, hierarchies, and class structure of Korean culture have to be respected.

11) A characteristic of a low-context culture which is prevalent in United States, Switzerland, and Germany is:

C) messages are explicit and specific.

12) In high-context cultures, time is:

B) polychronic.

13) According to Geert Hofstede, which of the following is a key cultural dimension that helps account for rapid economic growth in Asia?

E) long-term orientation

14) Two countries that outrank the others in uncertainty avoidance are:

C) Greece and Portugal.

15) Which is not considered as a long-term value?

E) search for truth

16) The power distance dimension reflects the degree of trust among members of society. Thus, the higher the power distance (PDI) the:

B) lower is the level of trust.

17) Danes generally are not afraid of taking chances; they are comfortable doing things that are not carefully thought out or planned. Denmark's "flexicurity" policy combines free labor markets with adjustable welfare benefits. This is an example of the application of Hofstede's typology under the values which highlight:

B) Uncertainty Avoidance.

18) European consumers have faced a number of food-related issues, including an outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease and continuing concerns over mad cow disease. As a result, many are skeptical about GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) and the benefits of eating food products that incorporate genetically-engineered ingredients. As one French citizen noted recently, "We have a very risk-averse society that has been completely traumatized by food scares." Thinking about this situation in terms of Hofstede's cultural values framework, one might reasonably interpret this remark to indicate that France ranks relatively high in:

D) Uncertainty Avoidance.
19) Procter & Gamble's introduction of...

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