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Yearly Training Plan Essay

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Implement Required Activities into a Yearly Training Plan
Strength Maintenance Training Center
Class 14-001
December 9, 2013


Yearly Training Plan

ONE MORE! The motto that’s frequently heard in Washington when an applicant
has enlisted in the WAARNG or a Soldier has interstate transferred into the WAARNG.
The WAARNG continues to strive to meet yearly mission goals with recruiting qualified
personnel, retaining their veterans, and maintaining end strength.
As the ARNG moves into a new fiscal year, the WAARNG begins another successful
year in accomplishing their Yearly Training Plan. Officer Professional ...view middle of the document...

The WAARNG has also implemented an Apprenticeship Program for newly hired
RRNCOs. The purpose of the RRNCO Apprenticeship Program is to develop proficiency and
train RRNCOs on mission essential tasks and to help them become successful in recruiting &


retention. It will also help RRNCOs avoid the difficulties of learning by trial and error and apply
newly learned skills in the locations where they will recruit. Recruiting and Retention leaders
and experienced field RRNCOs contribute to this process by supervision, leadership, on-the-job
training, coaching, demonstrations, and mentoring. Training, accessions and evaluations has
been incorporated within the apprenticeship program. Trained RRNCOs, as professional NCOs,
should be able to pass through this apprentice ship process and effectively recruit a quality Army
National Guard Soldier. Program can last between five to nine months.
Soldier/Family Welfare Programs are also available for military Families to take
advantage of. Through a comprehensive network of programs and services from Family, child
and youth programs to recreation, sports, and entertainment, travel and leisure activities.
The mission of the Soldier/Family programs is to serve the needs, interests, and
responsibilities of all of our Soldiers and Family members in the Washington State area.
WAARNG Soldiers and their...

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