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Year Round Schooling Essay

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Audience: Families with children in grades k-12Year-Round SchoolingThe school year begins and instead of feeling tired or dreading the upcoming school session, both teachers and students are rested and ready to work hard the entire time till the next break. How is this done? - Year-round schooling. With the school in session for shorter amounts of time with more frequent breaks teachers and students can now look forward to their experience at school with out it seeming long and repetitive. A year round school schedule helps students excel as well as helps teachers teach.Students are successful in a year-round schooling environment. It is a laborious task for teachers to prepare for a review ...view middle of the document...

Students won't have to wait till summer school to catch up with their peers on a year-round school schedule. Catch up work can be done more quickly with a year-round schedule because it can be done during intersession (Carroll). Making up work during intersession is more effective because students aren't wasting any time and wont fall further and further behind their classmates waiting for summer school. Making up work in a more timely matter is now more important than ever with recent learning standards being inforced (Carroll). Intersession programs can also be used for enrichment during the school year. With enrichment activities and courses offered, student can be prepared for following years and college more than ever(Carroll).Year-round schooling also helps teachers teach more effectively. Teachers, as well as students, get burnt out with the long sessions of school that come with a regular schedule. With the usuall year-round schedule, 60 days of instruction and 20 days of break (Carroll), teachers tend to have higher attendance (Harp). Teachers can go full force with their teaching with out any fear of burnout knowing the break is soon to come (Harp). With the year-round schedule, teachers are willing to teach the entire time while students are willing to work hard and learn the entire time as well.The year-round schedule allows teachers to make mid-year adjustments and work with other teachers. With intersessions approximately every 60 days, teachers are given the chance to change any teaching strategies to something that may be more...

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