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Year 12 Chemistry Preliminary Assessment Task 2: The Chemical Earth And Metals

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You work for an aeronautical company who wants to stay ahead of the compettion and find out as much as they can about the historical and current use of metals. This knowledge helps the company when they are deciding which metals should be used for the different jobs. Your boss has asked you to find out the following information:Outline the use of a metal based on the properties of hardness, malleability and reactivity:Copper was the first the metal to be extracted from its minerals and was the first metal to be used by humans. The period in which copper was readily used was regarded as the transition from the Stone Age into the copper age. This was a very important time in our history.In the ...view middle of the document...

Describe one current development (new metal or new use of a metal) in the use of metals:Over the past fifty years the majority of common metals have developed and are now able to be used for many more tasks then there where in the past. A clear example of this is titanium. When first founded there was little to no uses for this metal. But due to research and development titanium is now used in lots of different industries, from hip replacements to light weight bikes.Recent research has discovered that Titanium has an extremely high resistance to many corrosive environments, particularly oxidizing and chloride-containing process streams, which has led to titanium being used to develop numerous industrial applications.Titanium is also resistant to all natural environments, including natural waste products, body fluids, salt and brackish water; to most salt solutions, including chlorides, bromides, iodides, and sulfides; and to most oxidizing acids, organic acids, and alkaline solutions. This has made Titanium a very useful metal to many orgainsation and is now being used to replace many other metals, which do not share the same characteristics which it does.Assess the importance of developments in technology and the use of metals using your example above:The development of titanium has improved the efficiency and productivity of many different industries since it was implemented. After titanium was introduced as a replacement for stainless-steel, diffusion washers in the pulp and paper industry began to use titanium components. The design of new displacement bleaching systems using up to thirty-five tons of titanium components (Typical parts include diffusers, central shafts, scrapers, filtrate pumps, heat exchangers, packing boxes, and valves) was due to the metal being an excellent substitute for stainless steel. In the early 1960s it was discovered that coating titanium with a platinum-group metal or metal oxide produced an anode, which is a negatively charged electrode, which was slow to corrode in electrolytic solutions. Coated titanium anodes soon replaced graphite anodes in the chlorine industry, resulting in lower costs and products of higher purity. Extensions of this technology are now being applied to electrogalvanising and tin-coating processes. The development of titanium has helped to increase the profits of many companies as titanium is a cheaper substitute to the majority of metals that where previously used.Also chemical-process industries make use of titanium heat exchanger to eliminate corrosion problems caused by cooling waters containing chloride and sulfide, and several benefits can grow from using titanium on the process side of heat exchangers as well. This is because the metal is resistant to corrosion. This means titanium vessels can be subjected to process liquids flowing at high rates, thereby eliminating the danger of biofouling, which is the undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants and animals on artificial...

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