Year 11 : Power Essay

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What is power to you? Is power all about brute force and dominance, love and understanding or loyalty and teamwork? Power comes in different types of forms. It can affect you positively or negatively depending on what type of power you have and how much you have of it. But having too much power can make one greedy and selfish and can place you in difficult events that you can't escape from. I have experienced power from time to time but I have never misused it because I have seen what having too much power can do to ones mind. They tend to misuse it for their selfish deeds which can lead them towards the wrong path which they will deeply regret in the future.
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Jock loves knowing information especially on people for his big ego and this is what ended up manipulating him at the end. During a conversation between Jock and Geoff. Firstly he says, "I've got an instinct about problems" this shows this isn't his first time meddling in other people business and also a stage direction which says "Jock looks pleased", he looks pleased because Jock is enjoying himself because the way Geoff is carrying on with the conversation seems like Geoff his hiding something big and that only Jock will know what is it by the end of the conversation, but at the end of the play Jock realised that his greed for power and information let him be manipulated easily by Geoff. But a downside of this type of power is that the more information you have the more harder it is to keep it to your self due to the size of your ego. In this case Jock has a very large ego and in the play he tells Laurie, "It's going to be your last year in any case smart-arse" and a stage direction which says, "Gerry, furious that this information has been disclosed". This also tells us that this information wasn't meant for Laurie to know and because of this Jocks' and Gerry's plan to get rid of Laurie will be hard to complete. Not only Jock want information and knowledge as power Jock. He has teamed up with Gerry to get rid of Ted so Jock can become president. This shows us that Jocks ego is growing and becoming more hungry for power. He abuses his power to get more power. He is also a type of guy who likes to also show power by force and physical action. In the play it mentions that when he was coach, he thumped Laurie so that Laurie will listen to his commands and his telling Laurie to the same thing to Geoff. So at the end this shows us having too much power can be a bad thing and that the desire for power is universal.
Loyalty and teamwork is a type of power which can boost ones moral and attitude towards a positive direction. Danny constantly displays loyalty and respect towards Laurie. Danny admires Laurie for being an excellent coach and he will do anything for him on his behalf. Laurie is part of the committee and also the teams coach however he isn't respected by the club members. Laurie only wants to be respected but because of the power battles going on in the committee no one wants to respect Laurie. For example the committee bought a player and Laurie was furious because they didn't consult him before buying the player furthermore that Laurie has been requesting the club to buy players for years but yet his request has been denied. To show the committee that Laurie has a sense of power he occasionally gives threats and insults such as, "Shut up Ted or I'll thump you". Also the club doesn't even respect the players one bit so the players show their sense of power by threatening to go on a strike next game if Laurie is sacked. Laurie talks to Geoff easily and truthfully and Geoff responds with...

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