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Yea I Like It Essay

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Each area of knowledge uses a complex network of ways of knowing. A strong network of the ways of knowing is crucial for a knower to fully understand knowledge, because each way of knowing have significant weaknesses to them. However, if the ways of knowing are working with one another in a network, the weaknesses of one way of knowing can be supported by the strengths of others. This strong network of the ways of knowing allows the knower to obtain a strong understanding of a particular area of knowledge, depending on the ways of knowing that are being connected in this network. By using multiple ways of knowing in the network, the knower is able to develop multiple perspectives about the knowledge, creating more complete and comprehensible knowledge for the knower. Mathematics and religion are two areas of knowledge that are observable nearly every day in our lives and society. Ways of knowing enable the an individual to receive and retain knowledge. ...view middle of the document...

Language is used to create a clear explanation as to what the teacher is attempting to give the knower. Language is not limited to oral communications. Knowledge can be conveyed through language by drawing pictures, body movements or sign language. Language is especially important for mathematics because mathematics require individuals to understand many formulas and rules that can have difficult meanings and can be, at first, difficult to understand. Language can be used to aid an individual in understanding what these formulas mean and develop a deeper understanding of them.
Intuition is the most important way of knowing for understanding mathematics. Intuition allows the knower to understand what they are being taught as they are being taught new knowledge. This is especially important in mathematics, because of the intricate steps that are required for the knower to be successful at mathematics. In a mathematics course, intuition is used when an instructor relays the knowledge to the student. In order to completely understand the new knowledge they are being taught, the student must be able to recall on what they have learned previously. Intuition alone does not allow the knower to retain knowledge, but only be able to understand the knowledge in the short term. Memory creates this network of ways of knowing with intuition, not only in mathematics but also other areas of knowledge, and effectively creates this network in order to support the weaknesses of intuition. Memory allows the knower to retain the valuable information gained from intuition and the instructor. Without memory, the individual would not be able to retain the knowledge gained from intuition, rendering that way of knowing useless, because the individual could never completely move from ignorance to knowledge, but would be moving back and forth from ignorance to knowledge, until the knower develops way of remembering knowledge.
Religion in the world allows people all over the world to connect and relate to each other, no matter the cultural backround. It provides us with a different approach to learning about different cultures and give us a different perspective on ways people think. Religion most commonly involes the way of knowing faith, because the people who foll

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