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Yammer Stakeholder Engagement Assignment

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IT Stakeholder Engagement Assignment
This brief essay explores the features of Yammer, the benefits that will bring to Supercheap Auto and the potential concerns or risks that will bring by Yammer, a schedule plan for Yammer testing also gave.
Supercheap Auto is a thriving specialty retail business, specialising in automotive parts and accessories. Currently there are over 280 stores across Australia and New Zealand and more than 3,800 team members (Supercheap Auto, 2014). Yammer was called the enterprise version of Facebook, but has many features that Facebook does not possess. Yammer is a hybrid medium that combines traits from many communication technologies, ranging from ...view middle of the document...

Benefits that Yammer could bring to Supercheap Auto include:
1. With Yammer, you’re always connected to your workmates, you could share information and idea easily. You only are required to log in to your account, then you can find the information that you need, and you can find what other colleagues are talking about and what they are learning.
2. Everyone could update their profile and list their expertise in Yammer, so all your colleagues could search and locate the expertise that you have, employees’ potential could be easily recognized.
3. Enhance customer development. Customer development make people open their wallets and pay for your product or service (Alvarez 2014, p. 7). Store sales personnel could reach the most important features of products and satisfy consumer requirement.
4. Exchange of information and assistance to others becomes more conveniently, people could use all kinds of device to reach the questions and answers, knowledge sharing achieved. As Connelly and Kelloway (2003, p. 294) point out that knowledge sharing is a set of behaviors that involve the exchange of information or assistance to others.
5. Yammer could be integrated with our existing Sharepoint system and ERP system. So we could use of the existing system and information seamlessly.
Some specific functions of Yammer that could be used by internal personnel/departments and external suppliers or customers:
Executives and Executive Assistants - Yammer could be used to gather opinions and ideas from across the company, major decisions and change preparation could be discussed in Yammer. Using social networking systems help documenting tacit knowledge and building a sense of community (Anderson & Mohan 2011, p. 27).
Finance department - Yammer could integrate with ERP systems like SAP and, so finance department could get the latest sales statistics from Yammer easily, and share the information with executives instantly.
Human resource department - Yammer could make the introduction of new hires and get them up to speed quickly. HR could share news and announcements to the people who need to know more easily.
Purchasing department - Yammer could enhance communication between external suppliers, purchasing department also could reach the latest sales figures and contact store sales personnel in real-time. Yammer provides a better solution to adjust purchasing decision faster and achieve collaboration across levels and geographies.
Sales and marketing department - Yammer could be used as a brainstorming platform for new product features, discussing product requirements and collecting user feedback. Sales and marketing personnel could post daily tips for store sales personnel, for example, customer may not family with a new product and we could share sales tip on this situation. And store sales personnel could ask for help through Yammer when encounter a tough customer.
IT department - Yammer is ease of deployment, ease...

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