Yahoo Case Assignment

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1. Introduction 1
i. Company Profile & Main Issues 1
ii. Marissa Mayer 2
2. Political and Cultural Context in Yahoo – How it Contributed to the Lack of Growth and Direction 3
3. How could Yahoo Turn Around their Business? 4
3.A. Cultural-Excellence Approach 4
i. A Bias for Action 4
ii. Closeness To the Customer 4
iii. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship 5
iv. Productivity Through People 5
v. Hands-on Management 5
vi. Stick to the Knitting 5
vii. Simple Form, Lean Staff 5
viii. Simultaneous Loose-tight Organisation 5
3.B. Organizational Learning 6
4. Recommended HR and Leadership Practices 7
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Yahoo lacks hype and buzz in the technology market, never being able to be the best at everything with consumers no longer knowing what the brand itself is about. Despite their technological resources, the leadership team does not know how to leverage these assets to bring Yahoo back into its former glory.

B. Yahoo lacks innovation as managers and are too focused on pleasing advertisers, partners and internal bureaucracies that rather than taking risks and challenges to try something different to improve their services and products for the user.

C. Yahoo has been hit with declining business prospects over recent years, has suffered ugly management shakeouts and layoffs that lead to poor morale among the staff. There have also been concerns with employees being dissatisfied with mid-level management, too much silo-thinking and bureaucracy, disruptive leadership changes and organizational restructuring as well as human resource issues.

ii. Marissa Mayer

After a nine-week search for a CEO, Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer, a thirteen-year veteran of Google, as the new Chief Executive Officer to turn the company into a markedly more positive direction (Frier and Hymowitz 2012). With her enthusiasm and ability to identify with regular users, Mayer brought a fresh perspective to Yahoo that has long been missing for years (Manjoo 2012). Mayer’s hire represented Yahoo’s commitment to innovation and change. Her plans for putting Yahoo back on its lofty position in the tech world included massive changes to the internal nature of the company particularly in terms of its organizational culture, employee nurturing and treatment.

The aim of this case study is to evaluate how in recent years, the cultural and political context in Yahoo created a lack of growth and direction, how concepts of Culture-Excellence Approach and Organizational Learning could potentially lead to a turnaround in, identify potential sources of resistance among employees to the changes brought about by Mayer and recommend human resources and leadership practices to modify Yahoo’s organizational culture in relation to the Culture-Excellence Approach and Organizational Learning.

2. Political and Cultural Context in Yahoo – How it Contributed to the Lack of Growth and Direction

According to Butcher and Clarke, as the process of mediating alternative views, management is politics (2008, 12) and organisations that are overrun with politics will fail as a company sooner or later. Political decisions encourage self-interests, self-promotion and hypocrisy, all things that create an ineffective working environment (Parker and Bradley 2000, 136). This in turn would affect the overall organizational culture, which numerous scholars and academics have determined as the most important building block for a highly successful organization (Sinclair 1993, 68).
From examining the case study, Yahoo has turned into...

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