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Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Essay

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The process of obtaining an IP address for a computer name (for example, “ComputerA”) is
called | Name Resolution |
The routing service included with Windows Server 2008 is better suited for | A smaller network |
. Network Access Protection was introduced with which operating system? | Windows Server 2008 |
A starting address of and an ending address of is a member of which network class? | Class C |
. IPv4 addresses are commonly represented by using what type of notation? | Dotted-decimal |
Which feature is an integral part of IPv6, whereas it was an optional feature under IPv4? | IP Security |
Each host on a TCP/IP network should be configured with a ...view middle of the document...

dit file that cannot be modified and does not replicate its changes to other domain controllers within Active Directory | The __________ Domain Controller contains a copy of the ntds.dit file that cannot be modified and does not replicate its changes to other domain controllers within Active Directory |
A __________ name references an object in the Active Directory directory structure by using its entire hierarchical path, starting with the object itself and including all parent objects up to the root of the domain | Distinguished |
What command can you use to run the Active Directory Installation Wizard? | DCPROMO |
What is the minimum amount of storage space required for the Active Directory installation files? | 200MB |
. __________ partitions are used to separate forest-wide DNS information from domain-wide DNS information to control the scope of replication of different types of DNS data. | Application Directory |
How often does intersite replication occur by default? | 180 minutes or 3 hrs |
Active Directory creates a __________ with the idea that all writeable domain controllers in a domain should communicate Active Directory information to each other, in addition to
communicating forest-wide information with other domains. | Replication Topology |
When replicating information between sites, Active Directory will designate a __________ server in each site to act as a gatekeeper in managing site-to-site replication. | Bridge Head |
What port is used by Active Directory to direct search requests to a global catalog server? | 3268 |
Which of the following is not a function performed by a global catalog server? | maintaining a backup of all data stored on a domain controller |
How many FSMO roles does Active Directory support? | 5 |
What is the process of confirming a user’s identity by using a known value, such as a password, pin number on a smart card, or user’s fingerprint or handprint in the case of biometric 
authentication? What is the process of confirming a user’s identity by using a known value, such as a password, pin number on a smart card, or user’s fingerprint or handprint in the case of biometric 
authentication? | Authentication |
. __________ groups are nonsecurity-related groups created for the distribution of information to one or more persons. | Distribution |
. __________ groups are used to consolidate groups and accounts that either span multiple
domains or the entire forest. | Universal |
What is a system of digital certificates, certification authorities (CAs), and other registration
authorities (RAs) that verify and authenticate the validity of each party involved in an electronic

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