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Xerox Essay

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Xerox Case Study
8.1 Using communities of practice (COP) is likely to bridge gaps between generations in an organization. Studies have shown that workers spend a third of their time looking for information and are five times more likely to turn to a co-worker rather than an explicit source of information like books, manuals, or databases (Davenport & Prusak, 2000). Time is saved by conferring with members of a COP. Members of the community have tacit knowledge, which can be difficult to store and retrieve outside. For example, one person can share the best way to handle a situation based on his experiences, which may enable the other person to avoid mistakes and shorten the learning curve. ...view middle of the document...

This type of mentor does not possess the qualities of a bad attitude or sloppy work. This one-on-one arrangement (which research shows as the most effective form of training) pays dividends for both parties (Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 2011). It enhances trust with the mentors because you’ve given responsibility to them, and it improves team building among trainees who work closely with a mentor.
Another option would be out-of-house training, by sending employees to one-day seminars, college courses or workshops. This maybe costly, but these training opportunities can be seen as an employee perk, something to reward or inspire superb workers. This kind of training provides new skills, stimulates creative ideas and instills employee commitment, which is brought back to the workplace. Your staff members will more likely show initiative, and be motivated (Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 2011).
8.3 Xerox could participate in “getting to know you” meetings. These meeting consist of employees (new and old) introducing themselves and giving some of their background to...

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