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Wyndham Case Essay

570 words - 3 pages

I. Question 1

The difference between members and non members behavior at wyndam is: If hotel is willing to meet their expectations, members are willing to be more loyal to the brand

Members v. Nonmembers

Members are upscale travelers, business clients (131, 127)

higher expectations of a personalized experience
willing to pay for it (how do we know this? Please point to the data)

members stay 20% more frequently than non members
when they stay, their length of stay is shorter (p 131)
members spent 25% more during their stays (131)
>chris has this calculation
non-members stay longer, but lesser number of stays

brand awareness is 40% higher for members (131)

ready to be loyal to brand when brand will take care of their preferences

Calculations (chris and hema have these)

Does the above information ...view middle of the document...

Question 2

A: guests can convey exactly what they want
e. amenities and preferences p. 128

A: points cost money for company to produce and manage
-statements (even for people who are inactive members) (130)

A: have to send staff to room to check for the requested items
BUT with by request, hotel can eventually save money- if enough people request an item, make it standard, meaning save on cost of checking everytime

A; make more memorable and personalized experiences
-eg nail polish example

A: customers can change profile

A: customers do not like dealing with the point based system

III. Question 3

Lead in: wyndham focused on increasing benefit instead of lowering cost

-points of parity:
clean rooms, safe environment,

-points of difference

>IT infrastructure: (123)
>whichever location you are at that hotel can get your information,
>centralized operations; have core tech ppl in one place, saves money
>consitancy, can easily implement changes across the board
>>guests can expect consistant experiences ( 124)
>ultimately gets to the customers

-targetting different types of customers through different means:
womens business travelers, magazine, women on their way

“attentive to the needs of business travelers” business focused rooms,
>ergonomic chairs, desk space

-the services wyndham offers its customers are a point of parity
-how they offer and how they improve on them is a point of difference
>items they offer in room at request
>personalized hospi

-point of difference is that staff at ALL wyndham hotels can offer personalized service as opposed to only a few

-offering intrinsic rewards to customers
>personalized environment as opposed to free vacations

database for sure increases consumer willingness

Does it increase willingness to pay?
>immediate results, v future results

at this point wyndham is the only hotel offering these services, customers that want this service have to go to wyndham
-at this point, wyndham does not have to comment on price

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