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Wwi Essay

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The Great War "The war that would end all wars," or at least that was the idea of the time.WWI had many downfalls, but the outcome was oddly successful. The U.S.A. took many steps in order to ensure the safety of their soldiers and the effectiveness of their entrance into the war. These steps included the U.S.A.'s preparation for the war, it's national support, and its effectiveness at the battle lines. Through all of these steps, the U.S.A. would prove victorious in all aspects.Preparation for war was a key aspect of America's success in WWI. The movement began with The Preparedness Movement of 1914. The U.S.A. was declared neutral at the time, but American businessmen had many ties in the ...view middle of the document...

The nation also began the idea of price controls and rationing. The government made the prices of the nations products, and certain food groups were to be rationed off to conserve goods needed for the war effort. The eighteenth amendment was passed during this time in order to conserve grain. Daylight savings time was another addition. This gave the American people one more hour of daylight and saved power and fuel consumption. Though there was some opposition to the war effort, the U.S.A. strived and at the end of the war became an industrial power and a world force.The Great War proved to be a great victory for the U.S.A. in foreign territory. The Western front, and other great battle lines were held once the U.S.A. entered the war. In particular, the greatest achievement came with the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. This was the last great push of the German forces, and would prove to be the most vital. The U.S.A. was entering just as this offensive began. The movement had progressed to within fifty miles of Paris. The U.S.A. then stepped in and stopped the "Huns" dead in their tracks. U.S.A. eventually destroyed...

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