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Wwf (World Wildlife Fund) Essay

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World Wildlife Fund
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that focuses on protecting wildlife and natural habitats. With a focus on the conservation of nature, the WWF reaches many countries and targets the protection of endangered and poached wildlife species. Their tactics are simple, yet very effective towards provoking human emotion to solidify with the cause.
The catalyst for its foundation was a series of articles in the Observer by Sir Julian Huxley - a biologist and grandson of Thomas Huxley, the Victorian champion of evolution nicknamed "Darwin's bulldog" - warning of the spoliation of wildlife habitats in Africa. He was joined by a small group of conservationists ...view middle of the document...

First, the WWF works with governments, lending agencies, and local communities to establish effective management of a representative network of protected areas with a minimum of 10 percent coverage for each forest type found in each country. Second, WWF works with companies to transform the destructive and wasteful habits of the timber trade into conservation efforts (About Us, 2013).
Alongside animals, the WWF helps save and preserve plants. Anthony Julian Huxley, horticulturist, botanist, writer and photographer, worked closely with the WWF for this specific effort. Huxley in his work has outlined the difficult, yet achievable fight to save plants in wildlife. He sees plants just as much as a moral issue as saving animals as we destroy plants, not knowing of the future consequences it will hold in the loss of precious resources such as farmland, housing, and the quality of air people breathe. Even though he foresees the movement to save plants as difficult as “avoiding a nuclear holocaust,” he believes through the identification of these issues on the people, we will succeed (Huxley, 2005, p. 186).  Also, the pragmatic new attitude of international conservation efforts combined with the WWF like the International Union for Conservation of Nature, will surely make governments think more so about conservation. The technology and funds used for other government expenditures like space programs are astronomical; if some of that funding was simply put over to conservation effort, people would have more relevant research done in our own biosphere. “The stars will be there in 20 years time; tropical forests will not” (Huxley, 2005, p. 188)
The WWF often uses simple advertising to reach and educate their audiences. One of their magazine and billboard advertisements is directed towards protection of animals directly. The focus is on saving animals from being used as fashion accessories, such as fur coats. Many people wear fur coats; they are often times expensive due to the nature in which the fur is retrieved and therefore  become a sign of high quality fashion, according to the fashion industry. There are two cheetahs in this ad, one adult and one child in their natural habitat. However, both have a tag on their backs, one with the letter S and the other with the letters XL, indicating a size much like one would see on a shirt. In the top right corner of the advertisement the quote "Fashion claims more victims than you think" is printed in small, white letters (World Wildlife Fund (WWF), 2011). As an advertisement the WWF is using this picture to directly target fashion forward citizens by appealing to human pathos and the lack of logos found in animal cruelty while using a small amount of text to strengthen the argument. The direct link of the cheetahs to a piece of clothing is the main claim of the advertisement, which works to combat animal cruelty.
            Fashion forward citizens are often times the people wearing the newest trends and...

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