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Wwf Essay

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World Wildlife Fund Essay Outline
I. Introduction [Intro]
a. San Diego Zoo panda cancer story
b. Gao Gao
c. developed a plan for reducing human activities in habitat areas, conserving the bamboo forests, and maintaining captive populations of pandas
d. In order to remain balance in our world between human and animal, the World Wildlife Fund is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wild lands
II. Well over 200,000 plants and animals in the United States are listed as threatened or endangered [Scale: 1-200,000]
a. At least 10,000 out of 1,000,000 species go extinct each year
b. 5689 endangered species in US, 1343 endangered species globally
c. 1/10 species go extinct each year
III. WWF raise’s millions towards protecting species, habitats, and communities [Fundraising]
a. Panda ...view middle of the document...

Like giant pandas, tigers receive benefits from this funding, by directing these funds towards building local capacity to manage protected areas
e. Funds toward recovering deforestation by creating a network of parks covering 150 million acres of forest
IV. 85% of all donations go toward saving species & places [Benefits]
a. pays for rhino translocation crate; used when moving rhinos into safer & more protected areas
b. pays for the training of local youth to become turtle tour guides on the nesting beaches of Costa Rica
c. provides the weekly salary for two field assistants studying humpback whales at Bahia Malaga off the Pacific coast of Colombia
V. Legacy [History]
d. WWF was conceived in April 1961, and set up shop in September 1961, at IUCN's headquarters in Morges, Switzerland
e. WWF hires its first scientist, Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy in 1973
f. Students across the US respond to WWF's 'Pennies for Pandas' campaign in 1984 and donate more than $50,000 for panda conservation
g. In 1999 WWF helps craft and secure support from the fishing industry to establish a 186 square mile no-fishing zone in the Dry Tortugas
h. In 2006 WWF receives the largest gift in its history, $34.6 million, from the estate of H. Guy Di Stefano
VI. The Present [Current Events]
i. By using panda pages you can create your own fundraiser through athletic events, birthday parties, school activities, etc.
j. You can join by creating a panda page, or “adopting” one of the endangered species
k. People need to donate and support to save animals like Gao Gao
VII. The vision [Future]
l. The research will never end because there’s always something that can be done to protect wildlife and wild lands
i. Earth day clean up
ii. Scientist research and discovery
m. Final products in habitats & species way of life created from WWF’s work proves progress

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