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Ww2 All The Battles And Nfo

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Robert Morris-         
- was American Revolutionary politician and financier
who handled America’s money during war. He signed Declaration of
Independence, Articles of Confederation, and U.S Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson-               
He was brilliant writer that drafted Declaration
of Independence while he was 32. In it, he argued
persuasively that the colonies had the right to separate
from England since it deprived them of “natural rights”
of humankind.
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But British
wanted to get it back and they fought for it. Since
the colonists eventually ran out of the artillery they
had secured at Boston, they abandoned the hill in despair.
Battle of Trenton-                
Occurred on December 26, 1776 when Washington
surprised and captured 1000 Hessians in Trenton
Battle of Saratoga-               
Occurred when Gen. Burgoyne went down north of
Albany and was swarmed by American militiamen.
After several disputes, it was noticeable that the British
were trapped. On October17, 1777 Burgoyne surrendered at
Saratoga to Gen. Horatio Gates.

Battle of Yorktown-             
Because Gen. Cornwallis lost his grip on Carolinas
he went to Virginia and seized Yorktown. But,
when Gen. de Grasse arrived, Gen. Wash. was able
to march with Gen. Rochambeau and attack Cornwallis.
Since Cornwallis was cornered, he and his 7000 men
surrendered on October 19, 1781.
Treaty of Paris 1783-           
Peace treaty which made British formally recognize the
independence of the U.S. It gave America large rewards
of land which went from Mississippi to Great Lakes to
Spanish Florida. It also established peace within Britain
and the colonist’s allied nations.
Lord North-                          
Was Prime Minister of Britain throughout American
Revolution, he taxed colonists and resigned one year
after the Battle of Yorktown.
John Jay-                             
  He was from New York and went to Paris to
negotiate peace treaties with Britain. He was suspicious
of France since he thought they would betray America’s
trans Appalachian...

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