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Wrtg394 Request To Conduct Research

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TO: United Fire Company, President Lea Landrus
FROM: Adam P. Howell
DATE: November 29, 2013
SUBJECT: Report Creation Time Reduction and Secured Access to Data

Report Creation Time and Secured Access to Fire Company Data

Currently, we use volunteers to create not only the reports required by city, state, and federal regulations, but also the reports for the tax status of volunteer fire fighters here at United Fire Company. There are two major problems with this. The first, and most important, is that these reports are late 40 percent of the time. The second is that the format of the reports is inconsistent and occasionally wrong. Additionally, the 15 office ...view middle of the document...

By the time the volunteers’ status is returned, they need another status. Generally volunteers have preprinted requests for this information and they drop them off the first of every month. Through report automation, the turn-around time will be moments versus weeks.

Benefit #1: Reduction in Report Tardiness
Promptness is key when it comes to matters of government. With the ability to auto-generate reports for the local and federal government, the likelihood that any report will be late will only come from transportation. The elimination of tardy reports to government agencies therefore will eliminate any monetary fines placed on our department. Additionally, any personnel requested reports can be generated immediately and returned in less than an hour rather than 1-4 weeks.

Benefit #2: Flexibility in Report Structure and Format
Through computer-generated reports, the structure and format of any report can be easily modified, which will ensure that the structure and format will not change, unless deemed necessary.

Benefit #3: Increased Security
The information housed in United Fire Company’s computers is weakly guarded, since the computers are connected directly to the internet. Having a server would allow the ability to have a standalone firewall. This firewall provides...

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