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Written Case Analysis

6034 words - 25 pages

Cases Included:
- Oracle – An Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence
- Enterprise Health Information Systems
- FedEx Express EMEA

Cases Included:
- Oracle – An Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence
- Enterprise Health Information Systems
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” Why or why not? 8
Case Analysis - Enterprise Health Information Systems 10
Introduction 10
Key Issues 10
Key Assumptions 11
What are the Electronic Health Information Systems’ (EHIS) strengths and weaknesses, as well as, the external opportunities and threats at a global Level? 12
Strengths 12
Weaknesses 13
Opportunities 13
Threats 14
Explain the Canadian EHIS’ strengths and/or weaknesses – i.e. Information Systems Technology, People (users and IS staffs), and Data. Include, your assessment of Ontario’s EHIS performance today as well as how well equipped it is to support future needs. 14
Based on your assessment of the chapter, state your Key recommendations and rationale to the Canadian EHIS’ authorities to ensure that it delivers successfully 15
Case Analysis – FedEx Express EMEA 17
Introduction 17
Key Issues 17
Key Assumptions 18
Briefly describe the context for EMEA IT in 2004. What were the problems with the way IT development work was dealt with in the region? 18
Explain the significance of the SRB process and how it had “... simply become a fact of life for business and IT across EMEA.” 20
If you were Stefan, how would you synthesize your accomplishments and the path forward in light of your upcoming meeting with Beth? 21
Appendices 23
References 26

Case Analysis – Oracle: An Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle business intelligence applications have always been thought to be reasonable solutions for fortune 500 companies and those yearly in the green zone (profit-wise). Oracle has since taken steps to ensure every company can be able to utilize there large library of applications to analyze data. BI systems pull data from all facets of a company and convert the data into a presentable format which decision makers can easily interpret and make informed decisions. This case explored Oracle Business Intelligence Applications and their importance and effect on the profitability and success of a company and their business processes.
Key Issues

The case outlined many key issues with standardized BI systems commonly used in today’s market. Firstly, on the technical side, companies have a hard time creating information packets and data useful from enterprise systems in order to make upright and worthy decisions for the business. This issue in the data gathering process can be the root cause for less improvement simply because deficiencies aren’t know. In addition, a traditional BI system is unable to capture accurate data that is on time, which undermines the business’s ability to make correct, timely decisions. Moreover, creating a customized BI Solution can be very time oriented and expensive compared to purchasing an analytic application package. Decision makers are then left to weighing the option of ordering a “pre-made” solution that offers a common BI foundation for the entire company, versus building one from scratch which can involve teams of...

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