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Writing To Respond Essay

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Instead of tea I got a mouth of bacon!’ TGI Friday’s staff ‘tricked devout Muslim woman into tasting PORK after cramming bits of it in her drink straw’
In response to this article written on 4th October 2013 by Snejana Faberov, I strongly agree with Nicole Queen; a devoted Muslim convert, who went to TGI Friday’s eatery in Texas this week to have lunch with a friend. Nicole Queen discovered bits of bacon deliberately stuffed inside her drink straw. Although there is no evidence that she was deliberately deceived, it appears that the staffs at TGI Friday’s have disrespected her and her religious beliefs.
‘Whether you’re a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish don’t ever just accept something like this and say nothing. They put bacon in the wrong lady’s ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, regardless of which religious idol we individually worship, we are all actively working to achieve the same thing. The staff at TGI Fridays would not like it if their religion had specified that pork was forbidden, but they had gone to a restaurant and been given pork to eat. Being halal and eating pork is an individual preference!
The author, Snejana Farberov stated, ‘The woman wrote that their server gave them a chilly reception’ leading Queen and her companion to believe ‘he did not want us at his table.’ This shows that the server was acting in a discriminative and prejudiced way against a Muslim. The question arises whether the server even wanted Queen and her friends to sit on his table in the first place. This in itself is a sign of discrimination and prejudice …’ The waiter appeared less than thrilled when she sent back a Cobb salad because it had morsels of bacon in it.’ This highlights the fact that the waiter was not doing his job properly and wasn’t giving excellent customer service, which is also part of his job.
TGI Fridays responded to this incident on twitter, posting, “We want everyone to have a great time at Fridays – we don’t tolerate discrimination in any form. We launched an investigation around what happened yesterday and will take appropriate actions and update as more information is available”. TGI Fridays did not have a strong and satisfying response about the incident that had occurred to Nicole Queen: in my opinion I think that they should have a little decency and owe an apology to Queen.

All in all the article….

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