Writing Report Format

2165 words - 9 pages



Prepared by:
Roselena Mansor
Deputy Director (Academic Affairs)
10 December 2009

This report format contains guideline on word-processed report writing for all
programmes in KPM Beranang.
1.0 Language

The entire report should be written in English except for courses which the medium of
instruction is not in English. Language use d must be simple and direct to the related
2.0 Font

Use Arial as font type of size 12 for all text in the report.
3.0 Title and subtitle

All titles and subtitles must be numbered and bold. The subtitles should not be indented
but arranged in a structured manner not more than three levels as ...view middle of the document...

1 Title page

College Logo (top centre)
Course Title (centre)
Title of Report (centre)

Prepared for
Lecturer s Name

Prepared by
Student s Name (centre)
Academic Session & Year (centre)

8.2 Declaration


I hereby declare that the work in this report is my own except for quotations and
summaries which have been duly acknowledged.


Student s name & Signature
Student s ID Number


8.3 Text

A report must have an introduction, finding s or discussion, conclusion(s) and/or
recommendation (s).
8.4 References

Please cite the source of reference accordingly either from book, journal, electronic
media or etc.
8.5 Appendices
Each appendix should be identified in sequence separately in alphabetical order
(Appendix A, Appendix B,

. etc.). Do not provide page number for the appendices and

they should be placed at the end part of report.
9.0 Reference Style

KPMB follows Harvard Referencing format of writing references.
Books - Single author
In text *
(Civitello 2008)
Civitello (2008) commented that...
Civitello, L 2008, Cuisine and culture: a history of food
and people, 2nd edn, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken.
Bibliography Format
Author(s) Year, Title and subtitle, Edition, Publisher,
Place of publication.


Books - T wo authors
In text *
(Bennett & Blythe 2003, p. 171)
Bennett & Blythe (2003, p. 171) claimed this...
Bennett, R & Blythe, J 2003, International marketing:
strategy planning, market entry & implementation,
Kogan Page, London.
Bibliography Format
Author(s) Year, Title and subtitle, Publisher, Place of
Use an ampersand (&) between two authors'
Books - More than two authors
In text *
(Stephens et al. 2006)
Stephens, DR, Diggins, C, Turkanis, J & Cogswell, J
2006, C++ cookbook, O'Reilly, Sebastopol.
Bibliography Format
Author(s) Year, Title, Publisher, Place of publication.
Names should be cited in the order they appear on
the title page.
Books - No authors
In text *
(Advertising in the Western Cape 1990)
Refere nces
Advertising in the Western Cape 1990, ABC
Publishers, Cape Town.
Bibliography Format
Title Year, Publisher, Place of publication.


Books - Multiple works by same author
In text *
Marketing research (Adcock 1998, 2000) has indicated
Adcock, D 1998, Marketing: principles and practice,
Financial Times, Lon don.
Bibliography Format
Author(s) Year, Title and subtitle, Publisher, Place of
The items are arranged chronologically.

Books - Multiple works published in the same year by same author
In text *
In recent research (Arnold 2004a, 2004b)...
Arnold, G 2004a, Financial Times guide to investing:
the definitive companion to investment and the
financial markets, Financial Times, London.
Arnold, G 2004b, Handbook of corporate finance: a
business companion to financial markets, decision &
techniques, Financial Times, New York.
Bibliography Format
Author(s) Year, Title and subtitle,...

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