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Preparation Questions:

Item to Be Described (product and use)
The OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diode, is the newest addition to the LED line of equipment. This new piece of equipment is the first ever design that allows the capability for High Definition TVs to be 80 inches wide, less than a quarter inch, and be rolled up when you’re not using it. This possibility and many more are capable through the solid-state devices of OLED. Composed of thin films of organic modules, OLEDs create light with the application of electrify. With this process, LEDs are taken to the next level when it comes to clarity and power efficiency.

Audience (retail consumer, industrial expert, or other)
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In addition to the detail surrounding the new technology of OLEDs, this report will tempt to persuade the intended audience to purchase this product for any of the applications that are using the current state of OLEDs.

Importance of the Item to the Reader: Due to the fact that the audience who will be a retail customer that has some knowledge on the product, the product will be a fascinating upgrade to what they are currently used to; LED or LCD display applications. The advantages heavily outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to the OLED technology and because this audience is already highly interested similar but not as potential products, the technology will spark their interest of purchasing.

General Description of the Item: OLEDs, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, is a product that can emit light in the response to an electric current. Less than the size of a piece of hair and working without a backlight, deep vivid colors can be generated that are much more enhanced of that of a LCD. Working with an anode, a cathode, and two organic molecular layers, negative charged electrons move through this device to produce the vivid light that was described. Currently OLEDs can be used in televisions screens, computer monitors, mobile phones, and PDAs. In addition, other applications include clothing in which these OLEDs can be rolled up.

List of Major Physical Parts
1) Clear Plastic Substrate
2) Anode
3) Cathode
4) Emissive Organic Molecular Layer
5) Conductive Organic Molecular Layer

Part 1: Clear Plastic Substrate: This is the structure of any OLED. It supports all the layers and organic modules that make up the entire OLED structure. It is usually a clear plastic, glass, or foil substance that is applied to the layers by a variety of manufacturing techniques. There is also, in some particular situations, at top seal which is usually made of glass. Remember, the size of this is 100 to 500 nanometers thick.

Part 2: The Two Electrodes: These two components are the drivers of the OLED. The anode removes electrons in which the current will add holes into the organic molecular layer. This is possible when a current is running through the device and the anode is positive with respect to the cathode. A current of electrons will flow through the device from the cathode. (Electrons are negatively charged).

Part 3: Molecular Levels: These two layers, which consist of organic molecules and polymers that are made out of plastic, are placed in the middle of the OLED. One of the layers is a conductive layer that transports the electrons to the anode. The other layer, the emissive layer, is made of different plastic molecules that transport electrons from the cathode. This is where the light is created

Part 4: No Backlight: When it comes to an advantage, OLED do not need backlights to produce any light or power in screen applications. This differs from the LCDs, in which the light emitted from these screen...

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