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Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming's Effects on Populations is an article on climatic changes written by Sarah DeWeerdt. The article mainly focuses on the world’s environmental conditions with the view to establish a clear understanding and look into the future of the global climatic conditions. Therefore, the article explores various concepts thought to have resulted in the continuously degrading climatic conditions and the possible ways of avoiding the problems of climatic changes. The article also underscores the contemporary and expected consequences to result from the serious climatic changes. To ensure effective communication and her message transfer, Sarah DeWeerdt employs ...view middle of the document...

The writer continues to admit that it is practically difficult to advice the developing countries to restrain from their growing economies because it will increase the level of environmental pollution that worsens climatic conditions. However, she suggests that the developed countries stand the best opportunity to support the developing countries by providing the latter with green sources of energy as well as technology to harness and produce green energy. According to the writer, only collaboration between developed and developing countries can ensure reversal of the negative climatic conditions. She also indicates that the level of poverty in the developing states is synonymous to the high levels of infections and high death rates in those countries.

Another social concept, global stratification, used by Sarah DeWeerdt to explain the global climatic conditions, refers to the ranking of individuals or countries in terms of their economic power. Global stratification takes poverty levels as the benchmark for ranking of individuals or countries. In the article, Sarah DeWeerdt clearly indicates that developing countries are mostly located in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and parts of Asia. It is due to the high levels of poverty in the developing countries that their constituent societies pollute the environment. The writer explains that developing countries have strong obsession with economic growth and integration, and are willing to do anything provided it can help achieve the desired economic growth.  The concepts of global stratification also manifest when Sarah DeWeerdt depicts the developed American and West European...

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