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Writing Assignment

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Ashley Salter
Ivy Tech Community College
September 27, 2014

Understanding different societies is important in order to be successful. An individual should never be stingy, unwilling, or self-centered as to not wanting to help others out in any way possible. This paper is designed for the audience to understand four terms that are used in sociology and how they relate to an article written by Robert Borshay Lee. Agent of socialization, status, geminschaft, mechanical and organic social solidarity.

The lifelong process in which people learn the attitudes, values, and behaviors appropriate for members of a particular culture is called socialization. Family is the most ...view middle of the document...

Lee stated in the article that he thought it was important not to provide them with food, share his own food, or interfere in any way with their food- gathering activities. From the above section, this is related to the gemeinschaft, which is typical of rural life. It is described as a small community in which people have similar backgrounds and life experiences. People in this community know one another and social interactions are intimate and familiar for example as people who are related would act.
Although, Lee wasn’t able to help with food, he was able to help with handouts of tobacco and medical supplies; however, this only helped a few people and it still didn’t help sort out the difference between wealth with him and the Bushmen. This is referred to as status. One may think of a person’s statutes as the influence of wealth, and fame. Sociologist use the term status to refer to any of the full range of socially defined positions within in a large group or society, from the lowest to the highest (Schaefer, 2014) Lee had an inventory of a two-month worth of canned goods, while Bushmen barley had a day of food on hand. With this result it is possible to see Lee as a master status, a status that dominates others and thereby determines a person’s general position in society. It is also possible for one to view Lee has an achieved status, a social position that a person attains largely through his or her own efforts (Schafer, 2014). Lee was thinking of ways he could thank them for their cooperation and the Christmas ox was his way to show appreciation. He spent a lot of time and dedication trying to find the biggest, meatiest ox that money could buy, insuring that the feast and dance would be a success (Lee, 1969). Ten days before the holiday, a friend led a huge ox to their camp. It was all black, stood about five feet high at the shoulder, had a five foot span or horns, and weighed about 1,200 pounds on the hoof. Lee figured that there was enough meat, at least four pounds for every man, woman, and child, of the 150 Bushmen in the community who were expected to be at the festivities.
Richard was scorn for many days about the pickings of this ox by the Bushmen. He was made fun of, talked down to, and one lady asked him, “Do you expect us to eat that bag of bones?” The lady referred to the ox as “old and thin” (Lee, 1969, p.1). The Bushmen were used to meaty ox’s and they were afraid that this ox that Richard picked would not fill them up and that they wouldn’t have strength to dance. The comments made Richard feel hopeless inside, because he feared that he ruined the tradition and that it may not be enough meat for the people. He rushed home to his wife to seek her opinion about the ox. She confirmed that she thought it was huge. Richard decided to follow through with the same ox regardless of the suspicious of what others thought (Lee, 1969).
Christmas morning arrived and it was time to start the slaughtering of...

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