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Writing Assignment 1

624 words - 3 pages

Writing Assignment #1 – Segmentation and Consumer Research
This paper examines research on segmentation and consumer behavior. Consumers can be described using geographic, benefits sought, psychographic, and behavioristic dimensions, yet demographic factors continue to be top of mind predictors or explanations of shopping patterns. Consumer segments are often described using demographic characteristics such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, income & education, and many demographic stereotypes exist about what and how consumers buy. Some stereotypes are close to the behavioral reality of today, while others are not. This paper challenges you to examine current research on segmentation and ...view middle of the document...

In the introduction, clarify the focus of the paper, and develop a thesis statement on the value of the segmentation dimension(s) for predicting or explaining consumer behavior. The introduction should engage the reader and describe what the paper will address.
In the findings section, refer to published research on segmentation and consumer behavior. Cite at least two academic sources and two industry/trade sources. Reflect on and integrate the readings – in other words, don’t just regurgitate information from the articles, synthesize it. Note several examples of how demographic dimensions explain differences in shopping attitudes and behavior, and examples of when demographics do not offer a good explanation. Identify areas of agreement in past research, and areas of disagreement or controversy.
Conclude with a discussion of the value of demographic generalizations, and provide implications of the research (the “so what”) for marketing managers. Refer back to the thesis statement. Provide ideas for future...

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