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Write A Character Description Of Z As An Anti Hero. Be Sure To Include The Incidents That Transform Z From An Insignificant Member Of The Colony Into Its Heroic Savior

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In the film of "Antz", the protagonist of Z was not courage enough, and he is timid to do anything. For example, he drank in the bar, but he did not dare to dance until one of the girls who is the Princess of the colony invited him to dance. Afterwards, Z steps on one's foot carelessly, he was so terrify and be bullied by that guy, but the Princess felt it is not his fault as we think and then argue with him.For another example is that, in order to see the Princess again, he followed the soldiers and marching on the way to the colony. All of the sudden, the soldiers were commanded to fight against the enemy so as to protect the colony. Meanwhile, ...view middle of the document...

By the way, he wants to stay with Princess, however, he born in a humble family, so the Princess's parents refused him to be stayed with their daughter. Although they refused, Z kidnapped their daughter without any intention. Later on, they plunged into a strange place suddenly. There is a giant place as for them. Then, the Princess accidentally threw on a human's shoe, Z thinks of all the ways to save Princess. Therefore, he tried to throw from one shoe to another shoe without second thought when the man is walking. His brave manner touch the Princess heart and she start to love Z.On the other hand, Z is brave and intelligent just like changing another person. At the ending of the scene, he went back to his home and noticed that the wall that their colleague used to hit and extend their spaces are dangerous because outside the wall is a broad of the sea water. Anyway, it is too late to tell them since the water started to poured out from the crack of the hole. They all ran away to the higher land immediately. Under such circumstances, Z is calm and intelligent enough to mention they have to cooperate to stand on others one by one and escape at the top of the roof.Luckily, there is another kind of soldiers on the top of the roof. They all can fly and then saved those people who where soak inside the sea especially Z.At last, all the people praise his intelligence and bravery of the human beings. That's all the reason why Z can appear from an insignificant member of the colony into its heroic savior.

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