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Worst Vs Best Communcators Essay

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Maria Roxana Iorio
August 30, 2014
Business Communications

Worst vs. Best Communicators

How important is it to get your message across and be a great communicator? Communication helps us better understand a person or a situation, allows us to resolve differences, and helps us build trust, and respect. We all communicate and like to tell stories, but let’s be realistic- some people are better than others when it comes to communication.
Communication process can either hurt or help a business. Poor communication can lead to negative consequences such as low employee morale and lack of productivity in the workplace. Poor communicators are unaware of the message that their body language transmits. Facial expressions like raising your eyebrows or ...view middle of the document...

Effective communications on the other hand, is the most powerful weapon that a business owner or leader can have. A great communicator connects to their audience regardless of its size. They could be speaking to one person or a group of one thousand people and grab the same attention. They are very persuasive, they capture attention, and close more deals. A good communicator knows, that people have the ability to solve their own problems and they just have to help them achieve that inner vision and wisdom. Good communicators are simply magnetic and we can definitely learn something from all of them. By coping their best ideas and traits, we can learn how to motivate people, and create a story that is clear and valid.
The things I admire the most about effective communicators is the ability to motivate people and speak to a thousands like they would speak to one. This year, I went to a work conference in Arizona, where I had the opportunity to meet Mark Kelly. He is a retire astronaut engineer that was selected to become a NASA space shuttle pilot. I was so touched and impressed with his story and his leadership skills, that it made me change a lot of things about me and my management style. I was much more motivated and our sales went through the roof. These are the type of people that we want to follow and listen to. These are the type of communicators that have the ability to change lives.
Communication is very important because it helps us better understand a person or a situation. Communication can help or hurt a business, that’s why is very important that our leaders and have great communications skills. We have to have great communicators in order to achieve our goals and be successful.
Martinuzzi, B., (2013) Four traits of the worst communicators, Leadership Skills, 13(10)

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