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Worship In Psalm 150 And Its Relevance To Christianity In Oyo Town

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However, to avoid fallacious interpretation of some terms, this paper defines the following terms as used in the paper: Worship and Oyo town.
Worship: Evelyn Underhill defines worship as “the total adoring response of man to the one Eternal God self-revealed in time” (61). This implies that worship reflects man’s response in totality to the person and activities of God. In this paper, the term worship is viewed from the perspective of man’s attitudinal and dynamic response to all of what God is and does without necessarily anticipating anything in return.
Oyo Town: Oyo town is one of the ancient towns of the entire Yoruba race. The present Oyo[1] is situated 32miles north of Ibadan, Oyo state in the South-west of Nigeria. It was declared the It is bounded to the north by Ogbomoso, to the east by Awe, to the south by Ilora and to the west by Iseyin. It is a major town which still upholds many of the ancient Yoruba culture and is governed by a paramount ruler which goes by the title Alaafin (Owner of the Palace). The economy of modern Oyo is based chiefly on agriculture and handicrafts. Products include tobacco (for the cigarette factory at Ibadan), teak, and cotton. The town is a traditional centre of cotton spinning, weaving, and dyeing (with locally grown indigo). It is also famous for carved calabashes (gourds), leatherwork, wood carving, and mat making. Local trade is primarily in yams, corn (maize), sorghum, cassava (manioc), poultry, okra, and beans (
As noted earlier, worship is a phenomenon general to all people. Defining worship, Harbison remarks that it is “a sacred spiritual exercise that links man with God through the expression of an adoring heart” (525). Wiersbe asserts that the English word worship means worth – ship and went on to say that what a person worships is a good indication of what is really valuable to him (21). This implies that the values of a man or a people can be determined by what such people worship. MacArthur defines worship as honour paid to a superior being (8). In the same vein, Mahoney asserts that worship is an expression of love and adoration to God which can be expressed only with the giving of one’s whole heart and lifetime to him (33). In a more technical sense, Conner views the word worship as meaning “to bow down, to stoop very low, or to prostrate oneself” (106).
The bible uses a number of words to convey the idea of worship. In the Old Testament, the common word used for worship is shachah which literally means “to bow down, to do homage” (Vine 105). The word shachah is mostly used of man in relation to God as can be established in Joshua 5:14 when “Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshipped.” Shachah is often used to convey the sense of a lesser being paying homage and obeisance to a greater being such as in the case of man to God or a god, a vassal to a conquering king and subjects to the king. The action of...

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