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Worldview Essay: Refitting The Pieces

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Deborah L Tatum-Oakes
CWV 101 Modules 7
Worldview Essay: Refitting the Pieces
My three components’ that make up my world view are human nature, ultimate reality, and knowledge, b/c they shaped my thoughts, experiences, education and life decisions. I have found that human nature leads to make the decisions in our lives whether it is good or bad. Whether you follow the rules of others or us. My 2nd marriage with an older man, who loves all of our kids and me. The first guy I was married to he was unkind man. After we got married he would beat and cheat on me. I have find that all of the people I have studied in this course where all kind of one sided. Where I eye don’t like to ...view middle of the document...

my experiences with ghosts and demons are when I was little about 6 b/c of the fact my little brother was born around that time. I had to go to the bathroom and we were all asleep in the living room b/c our upstairs was being work on at the time but there was the only bathroom in the house up stairs. I have never liked the dark as most kids do, but this night when I was about to turn the light on to go up the steps it blew. Then I saw a figure of a women who started talking to me and telling me to come up stairs or she was going to tell my dad on me, of Couse I didn’t go up there instead I peed in a bowl and poured it down the sink in the kitchen then went back to bed the next morning I asked my dad who was the lady up stairs and he was like what lady so I told him and he was like who, what. Then after he looked around upstairs thinking someone had broken in the house and he find nothing there he said you were dreaming then when he was washing dishes he saw the bowl I had peed in. my education in the fact that ghosts and demons are real come from the fact that growing up in a haunted house were things would fall out or off of shelf’s and laid half way a crossed the room instead of where they would fall if it had just fell out. Beds falls off their beams when my dad had just put them in with nuts and bolts and no one was laying on it or even in the room. Others who I have seen or heard their stories now yes I know not all of them are real but I’m really good at seeing the...

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916 words - 4 pages your paper. a) Since this is a paper, you need to first submit your paper to TurnItIn before sending the assignment to me. You can find this in CLASSROOM>>ASSIGNMENTS>>M7 Worldview Essay Turnitin. a. Click on Submit Paper b. Attach your paper and complete the required information c. Click Upload b) Once you have submitted your assignment to Turnitin, you can submit your assignment. Submit it at CLASSROOM>>ASSIGNMENTS>>Module 7 – Revised Worldview Puzzle Essay: Refitting the Pieces You are now done! Not just done with this assignment, but done with the class! Nice job! ☺

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