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Worldview Development Essay

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The Bible, Theology, and Worldview
Christian Worldview Development

There is a strong relationship between the bible, theology and worldview. The bible is what informs us on how to do theology and one’s worldview. Reading scripture allows us to understand the will of God and perform theology. Performing theology is useless without the knowledge of scripture and hermeneutics. Many people express their own personal worldview, but they must know how to use the bible to sculpt their view of the world correctly though the eyes of a believer. The bible is perfect and without error; for one to do perfect theology one must use scripture and that will shape their worldview.
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Their interpretation and the context they use in scripture are false. They do not understand the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for our sins and how we are made new. That is just too much to grasp for a non-believer. Many believers also struggle with performing theology and studying the bible. No one was made perfect so some believers make mistakes and interpret things wrong if they do not have a good relationship with Jesus. It’s important that believers read their bible and study God’s word deeply. Through the reading of scripture God reveals himself to us. His revelation is what helps us to understand the context of scripture and perform theology. As sinful man, all struggle with sin. Humans always base their decisions off of feelings rather than scripture. It is just our sinful nature that causes us to do that. Many issues like abortion and homosexuality are sins based off of feelings. People say that homosexuals are born that way, but not according to scriptures. It is all based off of feelings. Believers struggle with these issues even though it clearly states that it is wrong in the bible. When a believer is constantly in the word and in love with God then it helps prevent them from being in situations like that where they tend to focus on feelings rather than what God says.
Worldview is the lens that humans view everything from. Through that lens people have many different concepts and different ways of looking at the world. (Kim, 3) Many of these views illuminate different beliefs and rituals. According to Paul G. Hiebert,”The basic assumptions about reality which lie behind the beliefs and behavior of a culture are sometimes called a world view. These assumptions are taken for granted, and are generally unexamined and therefore largely implicit. But they reinforced the deepest feelings, and anyone who challenges them becomes the object of vehement attack. People that the world really is the way they see it.” (Kim, 3) This shows that many people are stubborn about their own beliefs. If one is to approach someone to try and change their view of the world, that person will most likely be attacked verbally like Hiebert says. Many people aren’t open to seeing the world through a different lens. It is important that people continue to challenge their own worldview. Reading and studying scripture could easily change one’s view. Karl Barth discussed how people resist the changing their worldview. He went on further saying that non-believers are stubborn to change their worldview because they ignore the Word. They think that it is of little importance and that it will eventually fade out of sight. (Thomson pg.8) Barth goes on to talk negatively about the discussion of worldview. He proceeds to say,”…a method of direct opposition to the Christian acceptance of Jesus.” (Thomson pg.8) Barth reaffirms that non-believers can have a negative worldview that is against Jesus and His Word.
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