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World War Ii Italy Essay

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World War II Research Paper - Italy
HST 114
November 2, 2015

World War II Research Paper - Italy

World War II was a continuation of discord in the world. Everyone wanted control and power and all were willing to fight to gain it. There were alliances formed that each nation felt, at the time, would give them more advantages and chances to be victorious. This essay will focus on Italy. It will trace totaliarism, evaluate the cause of World War II and Italy’s involvement. This essay will continue on to explain the Holocaust and Italy’s undertones, discuss new technology that was introduced, and the major leaders of Italy during those times.
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The fascist gained total control of Italy and began fixing the economy and other problems.

Causes of World War II
World War I ended November 11, 1918 and Italy worked hard and diligently to rebuild after that time. They restructured and rebuilt their economy, its army and navy powers. They strengthen the overall morale and confidences of the nation. Those in power, though, were itching for a fight. Both Italy and Nazi Germany wanted to flex their regenerated muscles to demonstrate the totaliarism was the best form of government The desire to fight and gain more control were the driving forces and causes leading up to World War II which started September 1, 1939. Italy would take tons of land and control of several areas of North Africa and around the Mediterranean Sea. The strategic moves to can control of more surrounding land was like dangling a carrot in front the eyes of other nations. Bordering nations knew that allowing one nation to gain too much control would not be a good thing in the end. To increase concerns, Italy joined Germany and Japan in the axis powers. The alliance was called the “Pact of Steel” and it united Italy, Germany and Japan in 1939. The alliance and the successful campaigns in North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, Italy was once again back on top as a strong nation with a better economy and regenerated military force. Italy wanted to fight and gain more control. The hungry for power was there and constantly in the faces of other nations. The new “Pact of Steel” caused France, Britain and other nation to take notice and panic. They knew that Italy and Nazi Germany wanted more power and control. Italy’s burning desire for more power and control were its contributing factors and involvement in World War II.
The Holocaust and Italy’s Undertones
Italy and its fascist government party were extremely racist. As they rebuilt their nation and gained more control they contributed to the correct race was taking their rightful place in power. They believed that Italians were the “True Romans” and deserved total submission. They also held onto that it was their job to rebuild the Roman Empire to it glory. The Italian government faced obstacles regarding bringing the Roman Empire back to its full glory and shine. There were very few pure blood Italians around since World War I. Many citizens that agreed with the “True Roman” mentality would create families within families in order to increase the population. How does this play into the Holocaust? Well, they agree with the removal of all those that didn’t fit in to the image of citizens that could bring the Roman Empire to its full purity. They had a similar thought process as the Nazi Germany in the purification process just short of the large death camps. They did separate and identify those that didn’t fit within the plan and placed them in work camps or prisons. Citizens had to obey and confirm to the laws whether they were “True Romans”...

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