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World War 2 Essay

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Causes of WWII

Many reason contributed to the start of World War II. The four major causes are the new forms in government, the treaty of Versailles, humiliation of Germany, and lastly the failure of the League of Nations.

One of the major causes of World War II was the forms of government. This was one of the major cause because when dictators came to power in many countries, because many dictators such Hitler, Mussolini, Staelin, and Roosevelt took many decisions that made their country prosper yet it was bad for their country. Some leaders were aggressors like Hitler who broke an N.A.A with Russia while others led the war against aggression like Roosevelt. Some of these leaders ...view middle of the document...

A third factor was the humiliation of Germany which made them want to take revenge because the conditions of the treaty didn't feel right for the. Also, Germany was forced to give up the land that they occupied during WWI. Germans thought this wasn't right because even though they lost the war. The germans wanted to occupy more lands and gain more power. Also, when the treaty of Versailles proposed the conditions on Germany, they felt humiliated because they couldn’t have any naval or air force and their army was reduced to 100k and could only be used for defencive purposes and not offensive purposes but when Hitler came in power he didn’t care about these restrictions and went on with what he wanted to do, the league of nations couldn’t do anything and the failure of which was the fourth cause of WWII.

Finally, the league of nations vowed to keep peace and harmony among nations. It did bring some success after WWI but it couldn’t keep the peace during the deadly WWII. The League was powerless and mostly silent in the face...

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