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World Scriptures Essay

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The word scripture is a major phenomenon in the history of religion. Therefore, scripture becomes an important concept in the study of religion. Essentially, the concept of scripture is ambiguous and complex; it does not denote a self-evident and simple phenomenon. Thus, the definition is problematic and has been defined differently by different scholars of religion. However, this essay will analyse the assertion that “In both popular and scholarly use today, the concept of scripture is wrongly thought to denote a self-evident and simple phenomenon (e.g a sacred book). Using examples, the essay will show why scripture is a very ambiguous and complex concept which involves much more than the ...view middle of the document...

Western culture conceives of scripture as something sent down, maybe verbatim from another world, and imagines that if a given text is not divinely revealed then it is not scripture (Smith, 1962). This assertion can be viewed from two obvious limitations. The first limitation is that it does not cover writings which claim inspiration of a non-divine nature. For instance, Buddhist, Sutras or the Taoist stories. The second limitation is that it does not adequately describe what have been called “non-literary scriptures,” sacred words and stories which are memorised and transmitted orally from generation to generation (Kramer, 1986). Scriptures in this case are extensively sacred writings such as the Bible for Christians, Quran for Muslims. Important to note in this Western Culture perception is that there seems to be a contradiction because the Bible and the Quran, for instance, were recited and sung before they were written down. With this view, scripture is anything that is regarded as sacred by a religious group and also, is a collection of stories, poems, prophecies and wise sayings which are regarded as sacred and are necessary for salvation.
Kramer (1986) views scripture from three dimensions. He writes: Scriptura is an act of writing, to one who writes (scriber) and product (canonised script). This entails that scriptures are sacred traditions with authoritative writings whether that authority has been established by a holy person (Quran) or by its use in ritual (Vedas), by its revealed covenant (Torah), by the scriptural potency of the words (Upanishads) or by a combination of factors. Most people tend to think of scriptures as the inspired word of God communicated through holy prophets (ibid).
Eliade (1987:133) defines scripture as “generic concept used in the modern west to designate texts that are revered as especially sacred and authoritative.” In this context, scripture is associated to the idea of the holy or sacred, written-word or printed word.
Eastman (1975) gives an operational and inclusive definition of scripture. He defines scripture as a generic concept to designate texts that are revealed as sacred. In this definition, the term scripture is extended to include oral religious sources. In short, it includes both oral and written texts. In the same vein, Mbiti (1991:17) argues that “African Religion has no scriptures or holy books. It is written in the history, hearts and experiences of people.”
An analysis of the various definitions of scripture above, indicate that the concept scripture is a very ambiguous and complex concept in that within a single collection of writing (scripture), there are a lot of variations. For instance, there are ritual books, legal codes, myths, historical accounts, divine revelations, apocalyptic visions, ecstatic poetry, and words of teachers and so on. All these are regarded as scripture. What is scripture for one group may be meaningless or false to someone of a different religious...

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