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World Robot Olympiad In Korea Essay

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5th November (Thursday)

We, together with 5 other Malaysia teams were gathered at the Sasbadi headquarters in Kota Damansara before heading to KLIA. After a final presentation to one of the Sasbadi trainer, we continued packing. We left around 7pm and arrived at the airport 1 hour later. Next, we preceded all the check in procedures and we took a meal at the Mc Donald. Finally we lift off at about 11.45pm.

6th November (Friday)

After 6 hours flight, we have finally reached the Icheon Korea Airport. We passed through the Korean Immigration and took some time for photo session. We boarded the bus around 9am (Korea time), and we were entertained by a Korea tourist guide, Jade. After another 4-5 hours of journey, we’re reached Pohang and we had a delightful lunch at the Duo Bin ...view middle of the document...

With our team spirit, we managed to complete the setting on time. The robot was tested a few times before judging, and Mr Law came up with more suggestions for improvements of our presentation. Fortunately, the demonstration while judging was almost perfect and judges were quite impressed on our robot. 3 of us went to visit other’s booth right after judging. Before we leave the gymnasium back to our hotel, we cleared up our booth. The Welcome Party was carried out in the hotel and we had an enjoyable dinner. We managed to walk around outside the hotel however it was short.

8th November (Sunday)

We had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. We reached POSTECH at about 9am and spent our time demonstrating our robot to the public before the Award Ceremony begins. Out of all expectation, we won the first place in Senior High Open Category and an additional special award. In fact, our Malaysia team also won in the primary school Open Category. After a long photographing session and packing, we left the gymnasium at about 2pm. Dinner is served after 6 hours of journey from Pohang to Seoul. A mini ceremony was carried out in the restaurant followed by a speech by Tan Sri Robert Phang. He even awarded 100 USD for the winners and RM 100 for each of the WRO participants. We stayed overnight at Seoul.

9th November (Monday)

We checked out from the hotel earl morning and had our breakfast at a Malaysian restaurant which served Indian cuisine. Then, we went on tours around Seoul, including the Blue House, Ginseng store, and their road markets. Our last meal at Seoul was the ginseng chicken rice. Our bus managed to get on the ferry which is more time saving in the journey to the airport. Finally, we boarded the 4pm flight back to Malaysia and landed at KLIA 6 hours later.

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