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World Religious Report

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World Religions Report Rough Draft
The religion that was selected by the author of this paper is Hinduism. This is due to his lack of working knowledge on the subject of this religion. There have been a few hurdles in the writing of this paper such as a severe lack of religious diversity in the area of the writer’s home town. This has lead the author to find alternative methods of gaining insight into these religious practices. Hopefully the outcome will be acceptable.

As there have been no religious sites near the authors home and the person with which he intended to interview turned out to be Christian most of the information will be garnered from websites dedicated to the ...view middle of the document...

The goal of most religions is to uplift the community and secure the safety of its members with numbers. This holds true for the Hindu faith even more so as the tenants of the religion require good will towards ones neighbors and strangers alike.

“What is the most important principle of Hinduism for believers to follow?” With Brahman being the only true entity in the universe there is the goal to cleanse the Ego of humanity so that one’s Atman can reunite with Brahman. This would be the end of the incarnation cycle with which all Hindus seek to reunite with Brahman (religions of the world, module 2, part 2 , 2013).

“How is Practicing Hinduism in America different than practicing in India?” "To be Hindu in America is much more an intentional choice than it is in India," said Diana Eck, professor of comparative religion and Indian studies and director of The Pluralism Project at Harvard University. "Even if you're first generation, you have to decide if you perpetuate it or if you just kind of let it go." Those aren't elements commonly found at temples in India, said Dr. Uma Mysorekar, one of the temple trustees. But in India, she pointed out, they don't need to be — because Hindus are surrounded by their religion (Being Hindu is much different in the U.S. than in India, 2006). The main difference as stated above is due to the need for intentional practice of ones religion rather than immersion in the religion as a daily event. This raises new problems for those who want to continue passing the Hindu religion down to the next generation. Such as defining what they believe in and why. The reasons for why certain practices came to be sometimes have cultural reasons that may not be as apparent in the culture of America. The efforts of the community have created a good start for educating new generations in the ways of Hinduism.

“Why do you feel Hinduism is right for you?” I found this personal account of a young woman born in the United States. Her story told me much of what it means to truly follow the path of enlightenment. She made it clear that after reading the Bible and Quran she did not find them fulfilling or as deeply resounding as the Geeta. She admitted that her first motivation was being born Hindu. Much of her story tells of the education she received and the understanding that there are many paths to enlightenment each with its own merits (Apte, 2013).

“How does the Hindu community interact with the non-Hindu community?” The Hindu religion has been extremely tolerant of other religions in their history. Jews and Zoroastrian people came to these lands because of persecution in their homelands. Islam and Christianity have been known as persecutors of the Hindu religion during times of occupation. Throughout the ages Hindus have been very accepting of those who believe differently than them. In today’s world there is a draw for Hindus who live in America because of the inclusive nature of the government. ...

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