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World Religions Essay

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I read the King James version and the Living Bible. The language difference was immediate. In the King James version it was like Yoda was talking, or like reading Shakespeare. In the Living Bible it was much easier for me to understand it was written like how we speak now. When the Samaritan gave the inn keeper money the King James version used the word pence where as the Living Bible used the terminology of two 20 dollar bills. I feel that the Living Bible makes more sense for me to understand.
What is the historical context of the story. In other words, why is it important that the hero of the story is a Samaritan (who is a Samaritan?)

The historical context of the story is to teach ...view middle of the document...

Samaritans were rejected in the Hebrew bible because their insistence on Mt. Gerizim and mixed blood they were also considered enemies of Judah. In the western world and todays generation when we hear the word Samaritan we think of someone who goes above and beyond for someone else, who does a lot of charity work.
What is the main message that you think Jesus is trying to get across?

The message Jesus was trying to get across was to have compassion for your “neighbour” care and love one another. By neighbour I believe Jesus meant mankind not just someone who lives near you. If someone is having a difficult time in their lives and you know it, do what you can for them and treat them as you would want to be treated.
Why do you think Jesus used parables as opposed to just spelling out the point of the story?

I think Jesus used parables instead of just spelling out the point of the story is because he wanted to make people think, and come up with the answers themselves. If he just pointed out...

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