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World Religion Judism Essay

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Religion has often caused conflict between people and even now we still do not
understand many religions. One of the most popular religions between Hollywood and business
owners are Judaism. “Judaism is the oldest monotheistic faith, the forebear of Christianity and
Islam (U.S. Department of State, 2009).” Can a religion help people become wealthy and
famous or is it just luck? We will be exploring Judaism in many areas and maybe the questions
and answers we all need we can find in this report.

I started my journey into this religion with a local business owner in Manchester,
Tennessee. I had no clue it would lead me to middle Tennessee which is Nashville. The
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The Hanukkah is the most well known holiday
of the Jews because of its proximity to Christmas; however, this holiday is not like Christmas at
all and is not included in the Torah. The Hanukkah is the celebrates a post biblical event and a
miracle of oil burning by the hand of God for eight days. The only ritual of Hanukkah is the
lighting of candles over the eight days and then several blessing being recited by the Jewish
community or families (Fisher, 2005). “Hanukkah is celebrated during the winter solstice. A
different candle on the menorah is lit, every night for 8 nights. Every night after the candle is lit,
gifts are exchanged between family members this resembles what most of us refer to as
Christmas (U.S. Department of State, 2009).”

Another topic we discussed was the kosher rules that many Jews follow through their
lives. The Rabbi informed me that kosher does not only refer to food it refers to the way we live
also. Kosher is the way in which God wants his followers to live which is fit, appropriate and
proper. “Some rules of kosher eating are that they do not eat sea creatures that do not have fins
and scales; chicken, duck, and turkey are suitable; meat and milk cannot be eaten together
additionally they are not stored together in the refrigerator (Fisher, 2005).” This can be applied
to behavior, ethics, food, celebrations and life. The most compelling fact I found of the Jewish
religion is that Judaism believers do not believe in hell. The reason is Jews believe in an
afterlife even through their descendants, a physical resurrection after death like the one Jesus
had, or that their deeds on earth during their lives survive and keep living. Not much focus is put
on death because the Jews believe that what is important is their journey on earth and their good
deeds. The Rabbi said this is why many business people and movie stars are so well off
monetarily not because of their religion but because of their need to have good deeds and
succeed on earth.

One final issue I addressed was prayer and worship. The Rabbi said that everyone is
different now days of prayer but he prefers to pray several times a day. Most of his congregation
prays three to four times daily, however, some pray more while others pray less. There are no
set rules on a number to pray each day but to always be thankful for your rewards and good
deeds. Worship is also not mandated by this synagogue but the building holds worship daily at
two different times. “Scripture study is one of the most basic but very serious practices. It is
practiced daily. With scripture study, Jews learn how to read and write the traditional Hebrew
language. Another practice is that the boys are circumcised when they reach 8 years old (U.S.
Department of State, 2009).” The Judaism religion has other practices or rituals some are
common. “While another unique practice considered sacred by Jews is, Bar...

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